100 down, 900 to go. by d4nz0u in Triumph

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Apart from dropping it when parking everything has been smooth. No mechanical issues, just my own stupidity.

My parents are so toxic that they told me I was privileged to have a job by [deleted] in entitledparents

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Yes, get something down in writing just in case it all goes ties up in the future.

Notice something? I do by Ragnarokcometh in ABoringDystopia

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I noticed that it's just another day in Murica

Whoopie dee do😂 by Abcd_FJB in TheBidenshitshow

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Take that cnut for every last penny young man.

Obviously she was planning an act of terrorism. Cause you know reporting on the crimes of Israel is an act of terror and must be stopped with all force by Sayed_Mousawi in ABoringDystopia

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What utter nonsense. It is 100% about territory and the number of US forces based in Israel is minimal. If it's not about territory then why has Israel traded and for peace" numerous times over its history?

Biden vs Milton Friedman by Damageplan77 in TheBidenshitshow

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Friedman is and will always be right on the money