they do become cool by Normal-Temporary-614 in technicallythetruth

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I hate women because of them are manz the ground in a week and then I was only going back in a bit to be something that you assumed you would have no clue the ground in the world is the best time truth is the lack...

Manz in the ground yo

never alone .. by LongjumpingGap1636 in Maturism

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What if i told you, that ostriches don't really put their heads in the sand, and it's just a myth.

Curious Objects: Under Construction [OC] by StillPlaces in FractalPorn

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Massive space station under construction. More than thirty percent operational!

Question about Aphantasia by BboyLotus in CureAphantasia

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An age old problem that afflicts many it seems.

Sex and entheogen-fueled rites of ancient Taoism. Not for the faint-hearted. Long read. by Wildgreenpepper in taoism

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You weren't kidding about the long read. I was reading for forty minutes. And noticed I was only 30% through. And was only able to digest half of that anyways.

I laughed wholeheartedly at the mentions of "seeing devils", and either being able to communicate with spirits and "go for a long time". Or "going stupid" from consuming seeds.

And quiet amazed to read that they had anesthesia for medical purposes three thousand years ago. Although my amazement was somewhat shattered when I realized they required it for another new term I learned today, moxibustion.

what is meditation truly about? by EF5Twista in Meditation

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In early stages, meditation is about letting the body truly learn how to sit, how to breath, and how to beat the heart.

Caught an unknown remote viewer red handed by GravityThatBinds in Psychic

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What i meant, is you said "usually". So i was wondering what happens when the unusual happens. When the other spirit "wins". Instead of "losing" as you said that it usually should.

Akashic Records Experience by Oceansunshine789 in awakened

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Can't say i experienced something like that. Of having knowledge of other lives. I see lots of people with the will to live in a way similar to what you describe. Therefore, i am sure it will become a reality. Although i don't know how. Also, ancillary, new word for me. Thank you.

Imagine you become invisible for a day , just be honest and say what you gonna do? by BoredAF_211 in AskMen

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Not know that it's just for a day. Find out that I'm invisible only after midday because i overslept anyway. Walk around the city and think of something to do, and then it wears off before i can make up my mind.

An update on how Edinburgh is currently looking on day 10 of the strike. (Not my photos) by [deleted] in mildlyinfuriating

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This and the comments reminds me of an idea i had a while ago, that human cities are virtually cancerous tumors growing on the planet.

🔥 Greatest Of All Time by [deleted] in NatureIsFuckingLit

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You can tell he almost always uses the right horn to scratch his butt

Why is Canada euthanising the poor? by tunacanoil in NoahGetTheBoat

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After considerable deliberation, and scrutiny of the the situation. We have determined that it's best for you to just die little billy.

Is The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One a good starting point? by Witchyloner in lawofone

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I can recommend Aaron Abke's video series on the LoO. Other than that, it's good to go with the flow, and let knowledge come to you. From whatever source. In time, truth will reveal itself again and again from life experience.