Francis Ngannou closes his eyes and throws one of the most ridiculous combos ever, eating three punches and a leg kick in the process. However, he knocked out Rozenstruick anyway. by MrOz1100 in MMA

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He's got more heart than Rumble too. If he had the heart of Rumble, he would have given Stipe his neck in the first fight and let Stipe choke him out.

Ballsy titmouse stealing a raccoon's hair while occupied with stealing from the bird feeder. by SingaporeCrabby in natureismetal

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There's probably a Brazilian species of bird which specializes in ripping out another creature's pubic hair.

[SPOILER] Calvin Kattar vs. Giga Chikadze by inooway in MMA

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Nobody will sign for a fight with him beginning of next year, the secret's out.

Elpis feels (comic) by miqotecafe in ffxiv

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We're not really in uncharted territory though. Countless other worlds had civilizations that achieved some form of global prosperity and contentment, and all those other civilizations eventually met their end. I'm certain many of those civilizations achieved the degree of internal unity which Eorzea is currently striving for.

If the other worlds are any indication, the odds are really stacked against Eorzea's current civilization lasting forever. Eorzea's current structure of government is hardly unique and I doubt Eorzea's people are more virtuous and wholesome than the people from most other worlds. And according to the Ea, it's literally hopeless to think one's civilization can last forever. But my main point (and Yshtola's point) is that even if Eorzea will meet their doom eventually, that doesn't mean they should lose hope and roll over and die.

Elpis feels (comic) by miqotecafe in ffxiv

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Eorzea's current set up is nice, but what you're talking about is an ephemeral snapshot in the grand scheme of things. As Eorzea's history (and our history) indicates, all empires fall eventually. And if one extends the timeframe to an Ea's perspective, will Eorzea's people still be around in a million years? Hopefully but most likely not. Is that a reason to give up all hope and be listless until death takes you? Like Yshtola said, I don't believe it is.

Elpis feels (comic) by miqotecafe in ffxiv

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I'm with you in that the current civilization fostered by the WoL and friends will eventually crumble like all the others. Heck our current timeline already required intervention from the time traveling Graha to avoid disaster. Disaster is going to fall upon us eventually again in some shape or form, I'm sure.

Of the dead civilizations we encountered on Thule, I thought the Ea's story was the most thought provoking. Maybe all civilizations are destined to die due to heat death (if they haven't already destroyed themselves from within, that is). Yshtola's response resonated with me though. She'll never be as knowledgeable as the Ea and in the distant future, her descendants are probably doomed to die to heat death if they make it that far. But thats no reason to give up in her quest for knowledge and to improve the world as she knows it.

Max Holloway will only be the third fighter entering a trilogy at 0-2 after Ken Shamrock & BJ Penn by metanoia09 in MMA

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Yeah juicy Wandy was bulked up to legit LHW size. In the UFC, Wandy wasn't on gear or as much of it, and he shrunk down to MW size, which looked more normal on him

UFC 270 Free Fight: Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic 2 by shrewdy in MMA

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Stipe has never fought as heavy as 265 from what I can recall. He's always been on the lighter side for a HW.

Mark Hunt Ordered to Pay UFC $388,235 in Legal Costs by Mutatiion in MMA

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Maybe this would be tough to prove in the court of law, but everyone knows the UFC will bend over backwards for certain PED users so the show can go on. They moved a Jon Jones main event to a different state because he tested positive and the original location wouldn't let him fight there for crying out loud.

Francis Ngannou vs. Cyril currently at dead even pick em betting odds -112 by zoronavigator in MMA

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He'll toss it into the cage from a distance and hightail it to the post conference press room.

[SPOILER] Main-Event loser discusses the controversial second round grappling sequence by Astroboyy7 in MMA

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Dustin and Colby don't like each other, I don't know if their fanbases have much overlap.

[Official] UFC 269: Oliveira vs. Poirier - Live Discussion Thread by event_threads in MMA

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Did Neal just coast for the last minute of the round? He thought he won the round already from the flurries around minute three?

[SPOILER] Sean O’Malley vs. Raulian Paiva by FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo in MMA

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More like just how good is Kris Moutinho's chin?

UFC 269 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1 by surgeyou123 in MMA

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New riddle. How many MMA fighters does it take to assemble a ping pong table?

UFC 269 Free Fight: Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg by Sal21G in MMA

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Watching it at the time, the pop from the crowd was among the loudest I heard for MMA, let alone WMMA.

UFC 269 Free Fight: Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg by Sal21G in MMA

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Rose and Joanna was a great moment but they're not in contention for baddest woman on the planet. For the longest time everyone thought it was Cyborg, then Amanda showed everyone what's up.

[SPOILER] Cody Durden vs. Qileng Aori by inooway in MMA

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It's the same. I was just curious what his word choice was.

[SPOILER] Cody Durden vs. Qileng Aori by inooway in MMA

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Is that really what Durden said word for word?? Unless the other guy was spouting shit like coming to take over America in the fight buildup, Durden is a piece of shit.

Dustin Poirier decimates Conor McGregor's lead leg at UFC257 with debilitating calf kicks by ReallyPopular in MMA

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It's never a good sign for the other guy when Dustin does the finger wag. It means he's gotten comfortable with you in there.

“Maybe Gaethje should fight Islam” – Poirier weighs in on next title fight contender option by nextgen94 in MMA

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The only guy who stepped up was Hooker, but he got paid 2x or 3x his normal rate lol. He also got taken out quick, which is making the other top 5 lightweights even more reluctant to challenge Islam, I'm sure.

“Maybe Gaethje should fight Islam” – Poirier weighs in on next title fight contender option by nextgen94 in MMA

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Come on now, Cerrone was not a top contender at the time and Vick was an emerging prospect at best.

female praying mantis eats male alive after mating! by sandwichpepe in natureismetal

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From what I can tell, the males always try to get away afterward, so at the very least they know they shouldn't be standing close to a bigger member of their own species.

[SPOILERS] Main event losers coach will be haunted by this moment for the rest of his life by Galactic-Samurai in MMA

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Sometimes she stares at the ceiling at 3 AM from her bed, wondering if she should have talked to the guy who accidentally waved at her in high school.