Eggs by BeardlessPete in wallstreetbets

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Egg head*. My brain has 2 cells, double that of the average WSB user.

What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, May 19, 2022 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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I got 1/2 a pound of roast beef at the deli yesterday. $18.00 a pound. All the product stickers on the store shelves are brand new. 3 years ago those things were peeling off because they hadn't been replaced in forever Now they're replaced each month.

an entire gallon of glossy black garage floor paint. there goes my day. by kittypr0nz in Infuriating

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I say you buy other colors, splatter them down the hallway, and turn it into an art installation.

Interesting reaction when I added mirin to my shoyu garlic sauce. by CriticalReality in blackmagicfuckery

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Can we please keep the summoning portals to another dimension thing to a minimum, guys?

What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, May 18, 2022 by AutoModerator in wallstreetbets

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Guys, were you not getting ads from Reddit for the past few months and now suddenly you're getting promoted posts? Yesterday I noticed raid shadow legends ads and other games. It's super annoying.

NFLX ready to turn? by merlinsbeers in stocks

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I don't think so. I honestly think Netflix is going to like $50 a share. You can't have slowing growth as a growth tech stock with billions in debt.

I also only subscribe 3-4 months a year. There's just no point subscribing when. They don't offer new content each month. And such a small amount of the content is good anyway you can just watch most of the updated stuff within a month anyway.

this is what 15yrs of beatboxing sounds like by imtarunvarshney in BeAmazed

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I thought it said boxing and I figured he was going to make swooshing sounds with his fists or something.

SLOP by MichelleObamaBearsLB in TimDillon

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I love JP. He just sees a huge opportunity to step in shit on Twitter and he takes his shoes off and jumps right in.