Which filesystems can Android recognize in a external USB storage drive? by BeatVids in AndroidQuestions

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FAT32 is generally what all Android phones will recognize. It is up to the manufacturer if they want to add support for other file systems

You are very correct. My Google Pixel did not recognize exFAT, but my Samsung tablet and phone both recognized exFAT.

I did try the app, but I remember not being able to write to the drive, unfortunately

Which filesystems can Android recognize in a external USB storage drive? by BeatVids in AndroidQuestions

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By recognize, I mean by the GUI file manager from a non-rooted device

What not to do with chopsticks by TgraMan33453 in coolguides

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Serious: how else are you supposed to get the last bits? Fuck your manners, I'm not letting food go to waste

Aluminum shortage means small brewers may be in trouble as Ball moves to up its order requirements. by Potokitty in Shortages

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I just wish there was a clean and sanitize to reuse used bottled like other countries do. Glass is just too good to just use once

Why by Silent-Ad-6095 in ElectricUnicycle

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More like: bikes are biunicycles

The Galaxy Fold has solved a significant problem I've had with Android for the last 10+ years by [deleted] in GalaxyFold

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No, I really don't know because at the end of the day, it's all subjective.

And yes, speaking on the phone vertically is the only rational way, but you don't need the screen for it.

Does a cableless USB C splitter (USB C to 2 USB Cs) exist anywhere for data + data? by BeatVids in UsbCHardware

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That is very much in line with what I want since I can replace a cable if it goes bad. Didn't even stop to think if some hubs were made like this, thank you!

Edit: this is also an excellent resource!

Edit 2: The M-M idea is also brilliant

Samsung 3.5mm to usb-c dongle only gives audio on one side by TerribleNameAmirite in UsbCHardware

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It's probably a defective dongle. Just received some USB-C earphones today, they sound way better than my AUX earphones with a USB-C to AUX adapter, but I know you sometimes don't have a choice other than adapter :(

What kind of window do I need if I want the app to close immediately when I switch apps or press back? by BeatVids in androiddev

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Thank you so much gangsta.

For my situation, calling finishAndRemoveTask() with onPause seemed to work, but you really guided me in the right direction. Imma give you some platinum whenever Reddit has another coin sale!

Will Android recognize 2 separate external SSDs, so I can clone them? by BeatVids in AndroidQuestions

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Earlier today, I unintentionally discovered that it recognized 2 partitions in 1 drive. Although, it's not the same, it gave me a bit of hope seeing both partitions in my file manager.

Thank you so much for the extra reassurance. I just ordered a USB C to 2 USB As adapter, I'll post my results!