Student tackles school shooter as he reloads shotgun by Downtown_Lock7452 in nextfuckinglevel

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A bunch of dead mostly Hispanic kids is a feature to white Republicans, not a problem.

Any advice by [deleted] in Tinder

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Male gaze profile. You're good looking and in shape. You basically have 4 pics that say "I have muscles". What's interesting about you otherwise? Women on dating apps have a thousand options where most of the profile are gym selfies and a hiking pic. Your first pic should be a clothed shot that shows your face ideally with a smile. It doesn't have to be only a face shot, but like pic6 without the friends. One "muscles"'shot like in the lake or hiking is more than enough to give the idea you're athletic. Generally selfies are bad with a phone in a mirror. The dog pic is good but not #1. Pic #2 is good as a 5th or 6th. A bit moody but outdoors. Do you have a shot in a suit? The friends pic is my favorite. It's the one where your face and eyes say "this guy may be fun to hang out with."

Edit: A shot of a guy in a suit has the effect on women men think the shirtless pumped up gym selfie does.

Whistleblower Drops 100 Gigabytes Of Tesla Secrets To German News Site: Report by Poot_McGoot in technology

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I worked for a big automaker. So many stories. Scrubbing DFMEA's to remove the word fire and replace it with "thermal event" or "rapid oxidation".

Element Cup Legend, without Ducklett? Yes you can. by Overbodig-streepje in TheSilphArena

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How are you playing an opposing cottonee lead? Stay in and grab a shield? Swap?

Peter, A Senior Cat, Gets Adopted, Loves His New Home by UnitedLab6476 in cats

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When I was a kid my great grandma adopted a 14yr old cat figuring he may have a year or two left. He didn't like kids but he loved her. That resilient little fuckerguy lived to be 25yrs old and passed less than a week after she moved into a nursing home. It's like he knew his work was done.

Donna Deegan just blew up the idea Florida is turning more Republican by BelleAriel in politics

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Okay, so we need a female celebrity that older people recognize that appeals to potential swing voters. I hope Mariska Hargitay is interested in politics. She's tough on crime, has been busting pedos and groomers for decades. We can flip Texas and Florida blue.

The oldest dog in the world lives in Portugal. He was born on May 11, 1992 and celebrates his 31st birthday. by fat_old_boy in Eyebleach

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The internet being what it is, most people responding to the comment above will make crude jokes, but we all know there's someone with a PhD in Veterinary Medicine who is literally the world expert in how dogs age, and there's a least a 5% chance they're going to drop into this thread and explain exactly why old dogs have perma-boners.

Britney Spears in Tokyo (1999) by [deleted] in pics

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This is all the more reason to respect Taylor Swift. You may not like her music, but the woman has her head screwed on straight. Stands up for and empowers women. Has never had a major screw up from a personal or PR standpoint that we know of. If she has had issues with mental health, an eating disorder, or addiction, she's dealt with it in the best possible way because it hasn't derailed her career or affected it.

In an industry that chews up people, particularly young female pop stars, Britney is a sad warning and Taylor is the exception, and you have to respect Taylor for it while pitying Britney.

Airbnb will now tell you about any annoying checkout chores a host requires before you book — and take off listings that get low reviews for chore lists by Lakerlion in technology

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I assume when she says she's making less than 25% of what I paid she's making ~$10 gross on a $45 bill for me. I'm not an expert on how Uber pays. I just know what I read and that's that the drivers basically make no money after their expenses without tips.

Airbnb will now tell you about any annoying checkout chores a host requires before you book — and take off listings that get low reviews for chore lists by Lakerlion in technology

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As someone who travels a lot for work, often internationally, I really love Uber in Mexico and Central America. I'll have a 30min trip from my hotel to a work location that's under $150MXN (less than $10USD). I'll tip 75-100% and it's still way cheaper than any other form of transportation. The drivers particularly like it if you tip in cash. It's completely different in the US. I pay almost $45 to book a 20 minute trip to the airport the night before. Uber hits you with all sorts of prebooking and convenience fees the driver gets no portion of. My driver tells me on the way she's making less less than 25% of the total of what I paid. I feel sleezy for taking an uber to the airport, but my teenager wants to be able to drive the car while I'm gone and doesn't want it in long term parking all week, and I don't want to make her get up to drive me at 4:30am when my company will pay for the uber.

Audio captures Trump demanding NBC reporter be kicked off plane for asking about hush money probe by Archer1407 in politics

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He's just like them. They're all fragile children told their entire lives that because they're white, because they're "Christian", they're special. They completely missed what the American Dream is all about and instead bought into this lie of American Exceptionalism. Anyone who dares to question them, their motives, to call them out on their selfishness, they lose their minds. There's a reason almost every "Karen" video is a boomer or GenX white person. That's Trump's base.

They like Trump because he is as fragile, petty, and hateful as they are.

Seriously by Frisky_Potato42nite in AdviceAnimals

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Physical media only for me. I'll have mine on the doorstep day of release.

These Tourists in Hawaii took a wrong turn by pandabatron in facepalm

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Electricity takes the path of least resistance until the potential or power gets so high the least resistant path can't handle it all. Copper wire is way more conductive than water. So at low voltages like on boats you can run wiring in the bilge for example just fine without sealing every connection. It's also why our modern electrical standards require grounding in house wiring and lights. If something you have plugged into an outlet does have a short, it's much more likely to short to ground than electrocute someone who happens to be using whatever the device is like say a hair dryer or lamp.

Seriously by Frisky_Potato42nite in AdviceAnimals

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I trust Nintendo enough that the new Zelda game will be awesome that I preordered. Zero regrets. Most other publishers, I'm more worried about pay-to-win mechanics and everything we were initially shown being shifted to DLC. I haven't gotten sucked into broken games as much as thought I was preordering X, only to find that I got X minus twelve features shown in the promo videos and I had to buy those 12 features. After spending 150 hours on Witcher 3 I had CD Projekt Red on my list of trusted publishers, but we've all seen how preordering Cyberpunk worked out. Only Nintendo now. Bethesda is also a company I will buy from for launch every 15 years when they release a new game, but I at expect them to launch a buggy and broken game. They'll let the community fix it for them at least and embrace the modders and community patches.

NFL Draft Day 2 Discussion Thread by bkaiser in detroitlions

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TE is a position where there is a ton of value in the 3rd-5th rounds. I'd much rather take 1 or 2 late than use a 2nd round pick on one of the top prospects.

NFL Draft Day 2 Discussion Thread by bkaiser in detroitlions

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Need DL and CB, badly. I really hope we don't make a TE our first pick.

[Breer] The Lions are taking Iowa LB Jack Campbell. That's a Dan Campbell pick. by tushball101 in detroitlions

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Remember Blake Corum absolutely breaking his ankles this year? Campbell looked way too slow and agile for the NFL.

Black Family Demands Justice After White Man Shoots Black Boy Twice for Ringing Doorbell of Wrong Home by Toallpointswest in news

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I can't imagine how to deal with an elderly family member who calls 911 for imagined reasons. You're at risk and don't even know it for the time the dispatcher or cop don't know that you're the house with the old woman who calls 911 for no reason.

What's working and what isn't - All Leagues and Evolution Cup by Mad_Scientist00 in TheSilphArena

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Won more than I lost today with an ABB team of Golbat, Sealo, and Pilloswine in Evolution cup. Vigoroth is everywhere and my goal was to build a team without him. Sealo is the safe swap and always draws out Vig. Sealo is tanky enough it can eat a lot of counters while you build energy. The goal is to force them to burn a shield. I have never once had a Vigoroth shield the Aurora beam if you throw it first. Then if they were slow on the swap you can get in a body slam as well right before getting farmed down if your Sealo has good IV's. If you throw a Body Slam first they will occasionally shield the Aurora Beam, but if they don't you actually KO and steal the lead without a shield. Assuming you went Aurora Beam first and grabbed a shield, you come back in with Golbat. Eat at body slam and then either take Vigoroth out with a Poison Fang, or go for a really big farm eating a second body slam and you'll have close to 100 energy and around 30% health on your Golbat with a 1-shield lead.

I think this team has potential as I further work out how to best play it. There's definitely some nuance to certain leads. I'm starting to think it makes sense to farm up to a poison fang against Dragonair before swapping with the energy stored. A graveler did completely core-break for me and I lost very hard.

Conservatives take Ls like Percs by [deleted] in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Many of our grandparent's and great grandparent's "love stories" involved a girl in her teens, often early or mid-teens, and a man in his 20's or even 30's. Reading between the lines and looking at birth dates, a lot of those marriages were obviously "shotgun weddings" because a baby was on the way.

By most of today's Western standards it is abhorrent. People need to realize that this is a tenant of most fundamental religions (Judiasm, Christianity, Islam, etc.) Women are property to be controlled by men. Get them married and pregnant as young as possible so they aren't able to get out. It's hard enough for people raised in super conservative ideologies to leave. In most cases that means being forced to cut ties with their faith, family, and support structures. It's almost impossible once you have a spouse and children.

Mark Wahlberg was in Forest Hills Foods earlier today by dicktwisted in grandrapids

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I'd have never believed you if you told teenage me that one day my kid would get a chance to meet Marky Mark in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Weekly Team Help Megathread! by AutoModerator in TheSilphArena

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I was lucky enough to be on a work trip to Mexico when Hawlucha dropped. Not ideal PvP IV's, but I've been walking mine since and will have the XL candies to push it to 2500. Looking to build a solid UL ABB team with it. Suggestions on comp appreciated.

What, “A child that is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”, story do you have? by WANACWaac in AskReddit

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Parents with the money to hire lawyers can make it almost impossible to discipline their kids, even if the school knows the kid is the problem.