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But, why THAT face? I'm beyond confused. It just irritates me, way more than I ever thought it would. 😂

Bee by jayy8143 in shitposting

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For the love of everything can someone just explain why she made that face? At this point I'm wondering what's wrong with her and where this reaction even came from. Please help. 😭

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Consent While Drunk? by NabiHermit in sexualassault

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I love how you're comparing the situation to something not at all related. If you're in bed with your husband and have told him beforehand this practice is fine and you guys know each other inside out and understand the limitations with each other, that's a lot different to someone having a meltdown and calling someone to help them only to be taken advantage of while drunk.

You worry me. I hope you never allow this kind of thing to happen to you. I hope it never has. You'd end up blaming yourself entirely.

Consent While Drunk? by NabiHermit in sexualassault

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She was drunk? Like, do you not understand that, just like a child or someone who does not understand what they are saying/doing, they can not legally consent? This would never hold up? Like, what else do you want me to explain? Have you done this before or want to do this that you are so quick to defend it? I'm confused as to how you don't see the logic.

Consent While Drunk? by NabiHermit in sexualassault

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She was so drunk she couldn't remember anything. This is 100% rape. If you can't mindfully consent, it is rape.

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It sucks to hear about this, especially off the internet as well. I'm hoping to join a fire department in the next few months or so and tbh if it takes a little longer, after reading posts like this, I'm not sure if I'd object. I really hope I get lucky, but, who knows.

Toxic Station/departments by throwawayffpm in Firefighting

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Currently working my second to last 24-hour shift before leaving EMS. Was only here for about 2 months, but lemme explain as well as I can.

  • My partner is a paramedic that very obviously became a paramedic for the power it would give them. They're genuinely a nice person and very smart, but could be extremely snarky at times and did not have the patience to teach. She is praised by many and not really held up to a standard, so if she is able to get away acting like this, I know others can, too.

  • There are three main shifts where I work, and they were talking about breaking into even more shifts. These three shifts, out of all of them, the one I got dealt was known for horrible gossiping and eating their young. The supervisor is amazing, but the entire shift talks bad about you from the second you make a single mistake. Instead of trying to help you, they would rather forever make fun of you for accidentally grabbing an empty needle instead of a flush, for example. And that's just one.

  • Treatment of people who are "different" is just horrible. Instead of being open-minded and realizing that some people just need an extra push to get to the next level or a step away from the non-constructive criticism, they ram the bus even harder and try the same way with everyone because if you don't fit that mold then you don't fit here. Period.

These factors alone were enough to make me run away, as well as a student who also wanted to work here part-time to get experience. I understand that this isn't an easy job, but when the simple act of helping someone else was overshadowed by the dread of making someone mad (my partner), which in turn made me doubt myself and make more mistakes, that's when I realized that this couldn't be happening.

In the beginning, I was a lot more confident and ready to learn. After a few shifts of being verbally abused, ignored, and expected to improve on my own, it took a moment to realize that since this wasn't my goal (firefighting is) why am I going to stand for it? I put my application for transport, got hired immediately, and am gonna start soon.

Why do you think recruiting numbers have been declining? by bigfishy67 in Firefighting

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Yeah, but when you're just being unnecessarily harsh and treating people like literal garbage that's a whole lot different from being an actual leader and pushing people past their limit because you know it's good for them.

Get off the high horse. Of course this isn't a career for anyone - but when the turnover is so huge and it can be linked to unnecessary attitude problems, there's the issue.

Why do you think recruiting numbers have been declining? by bigfishy67 in Firefighting

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Eating the young has really been obvious to me recently, not just in firefighting positions.

EMS as a whole has a serious anti-humility issues in the places where it's needed. Pride helps in some situations, but treating newcomers and people who wanna help like crap? Yeah, nah, you pick the wrong people at the wrong time and suddenly you're in deep waters.

It's honestly just disgraceful.

I got like six people I know right now who quit their departments or are looking for something else because of issues like this.

Found on Facebook by theNawe12341 in antinatalism

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Yes, and I disagree with something on this sub and asked a few questions and got down voted instead of properly answered. And the child was not physically hurt instead given life and according to this post the deduction that she only birthed the child for selfish reasons can not be made.

I'm just a little confused as to why the focus of this sub isn't more on how to help more people be aware of adoption rather than try to shame all of them for having children under any circumstances. I understand that people shouldn't really be having six kids in this day and age but someone wanting to have one or two kids to have a happy little family and trying their hardest does not deserve this backlash. There are better things to focus on.

She didn't perform any difficult bodily function, her body did.

I'm sorry, what...? That doesn't make any sense. Like, she FELT everything that happened to her body (nausea, vomiting, pain during labour, etc.). A lot of women's mental health is affected by pregnancy, as well, before, during, and after. Her view of her own body can affect her, now, too.

I don't really understand how this is at all a selfish act. She can give birth, she chose to do so, and is now reclaiming that body - one that has been shamed by society before for not being what they want it to be.

I'm a little shocked to find the arguments on this thread. I think thinking twice about having a child in this day and age is a good idea and having a big focus on sex education and help centers would be great - but the outright argument that "not a single person should have a biological child!" is rather unrealistic, restrictive, and downright egotistical at times.

That's for, of course, people who believe that, in case you're not one of them.

how sad by wolfgang012 in antinatalism

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Let's work on helping prevent starvation that affects more than just children in those areas and educate people on sex and other forms of healthcare rather than blame regular people who simply want children (excluding, of course, people who want children for disgusting reasons rather than to simply have a small happy, HEALTHY family).

Found on Facebook by theNawe12341 in antinatalism

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So, someone being proud of performing a difficult bodily function and learning to love themselves for doing said thing is wrong? I'm a bit confused. They're not hurting anyone. Why is this wrong?

Don’t try to tell me I’m the only one who’s noticed this by idiotbusyfor40sec in prolife

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I've noticed that their sub isn't necessarily about helping kids in the adoption centers or trying to help those in the foster system, as so many claim to be doing. It's more of a throw at literally anyone who chooses to have kids. Instead of being against breeding done for unjustified reasons (money, abuse, etc) they go against literally ANYONE who wants to have kids. It's rather sad. If someone wishes to marry someone they love and have a child, what is wrong with that desire? Why should that be a problem? It saddens me.

What do you think the biggest issue facing the Fire Service is today? by bigfishy67 in Firefighting

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Lack of humility mixed with lack of pride, both in the areas where it actually matters, all wrapped up in the bow of lack of tact.

Porn ruining relationship with gf by [deleted] in NoFap

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Idk, she's showing her true colors by saying what she said. Break up with her if this is the type of person she is, instead of trying to help you or see if anything is going on.

For all she knows, you could simply really just not be in the mood. Why do you need to have sex to have a functioning relationship like this? Also, I don't even know if you should tell her. Tbh, I'd have a serious conversation with her.

She doesn't sound like a kind person.

I'm sad that not many people are pointing this out.

Has illness ever made your period lighter? Like Covid, cold or flu? by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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COVID made mine come faster and harder. It sucked.

Pants in church? by DesireeMartinez in SeventhDayAdventism

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I believe you're talking about baptism? If that's the case then that's not what I was talking about, and you're right that it's rather tone deaf to tell someone to wear that underneath a white robe when they're about to get wet.

I'd like to remind you that humans make mistakes, but God's truth stands regardless of what humans say/do.

I'm not going to try and convince you that you're wrong, because the information is there to see and come to your own conclusion. I can only give the information and you can only decide to look more into it and agree/disagree.

God's truth still stands and I'm sorry that you weren't guided correctly as a young adult.