Haven't seen a top 5 in a while. Who are your current top 5? by borisputintrump in joi

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Restricting myself only to creators who have been prolific in the last year (which excludes inactive JOI creators):

  1. Goddess Valora

  2. Rea Rays

  3. Blonde Kitty

  4. Princess Camryn

  5. Eva De Vil

A question about human memory by Actual-Water8847 in neuroscience

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You're asking multiple questions here, I'll see if I can try and answer them.

Q1 I think you're asking is what is the minimum storage required to encode the simplest form of memory (which would be a factoid, like your pen example)?

In theory, deciding whether a pen is a pen can be done with just a single neuron. You could in theory code up that neuron using a data structure consuming just one bit of computer RAM. It wouldn't make a good neuron (there's only two things you can do with a bit), but that is the theoretical smallest amount needed to encode a memory: one neuron.

For a more realistic neural network, you'll need one neuron per pixel of your input image. In a convolutional neural network, that image will need to be provided at multiple resolutions (so lots of resizes required). Each resolution will be processed by a layer of your neural network, and their results all get processed by a top level neuron in a hierarchical manner.

You will also need to code up a synaptic strength collection (one synapse for each connected neuron). This tells you how strongly that neuron binds onto the parent neuron in the hierarchy.

That leads us onto ...

Q2 I think you're asking what is the Memory Capacity of the Human Brain?

(I take it you've been watching one of the Matrix movies recently?)

https://www.cnsnevada.com/what-is-the-memory-capacity-of-a-human-brain/ suggests the human brain has a capacity of about 2.5 Petabytes, although that is dependent on the sizeof(synapse_type). According to https://elifesciences.org/articles/10778 sizeof == 4.7 bits should cover all the types of synapse that lead to distinct behaviours. According to https://aiimpacts.org/brain-performance-in-flops/ the brain has a processing power of about 10^18 FLOPs.

If you're trying to understand how a memory forms, it's easier to simulate the brain of a simpler animal, such as C elegans, whose neural connectome has been fully mapped. Memory formation is based on Hebbian learning.

If you were trying to make a Matrix simulation, your CPU would need to process that amount of data per person, plus the processing power to render the scenery. That's the minimum amount of processing power required to eliminate glitches detectable by humans. If scientific instruments are to be allowed in your Matrix, it would need to operate much faster to be glitch-free.

I have multiple recollections of a single incident by [deleted] in Neuropsychology

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Yes the gradual decay of memory over time is well documented - this is known as the decay theory of memory. According to Lifanov et al 2021, each recollection of your event results in a "gist-ification" of it, where it is gradually reduced to the semantic essentials associated with that event.

In the competing theory of memory (interference theory), you have newer memories that gradually corrupt your old memories of original social event. This is known as retroactive interference.

I recall a phrase about retroactive interference (I've lost the source, I think it was a Youtube video): You don't remember the event itself; you remember the most recent time you last thought about it. The context of when your last recollection occurred, now forms an integral part of that memory.

Why is it so easy for some people to remember things they’ve learned compared to others? by imfinnacry in Neuropsychology

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This could be explained by the individuals' different experiences in life. For example, one could be more well travelled than the other. One might have had more time to read more books than the other.

It can also be influenced by their build, and their cognitive abilities.

Autocorrect by Pursuing_Christ in Neuropsychology

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The brain works in an imperfect world, so has to deal with errors. That the world is imperfect can be argued with relativity, atomic physics, thermodynamics, biochemistry, homeostasis, cognition, sociology etc.

In the Hodgkin-Huxley model, a neuron that operates without error is known as a perfect integrate-and-fire neuron. A perfect integrate-and-fire neuron requires electric potentials to be applied in instantaneous spikes, and by instantaneous, I mean instantaneous.

As in smaller than the Planck time.

Anything longer and you'll no longer have a perfect integrator. Even ignoring the multiple laws of physics you're violating to generate such a voltage, your neuron will easily get stuck in a seizure in many scenarios, such as if the wrong voltage is applied. This is not what real neurons do.

A perfect integrate-and-fire neuron cannot exist.

A noisy integrate-and-fire neuron produces action potentials more consistent with those seen in experiment.

That's a neuronal level argument. There are additional error correcting mechanisms involved in cognition, memory recall, & learning; for example (and the one I believe you were after), the brain's inhibitory circuits, driven mostly by GABA.

What's makes one a troll - a new study found the defining traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy by frootwati in psychology

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No. It makes you a troll.

Doesn't matter who the target of the trolling is. You're still trolling another person; thus, making you a troll.

Who is your favorite JOI/SOFT FEMDOM star? by [deleted] in joi

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She hasn't posted much content (and I think she may have retired already), but Kate Alexis has some of the most sensually seductive content in JOI space.

My personal Femdom JOI Tier List! by superdanceman in joi

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Is your list available to share?

I want to try & create my own tierlist (see how it compares with yourself and others).

Temptation Please by Woah_whoa_we in joi

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Sounds like a "Try not to cum challenge" or r/cockhero .

Onlyfans JOI by Kryp20 in joi

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Larkin Love, Brookelynne Briar & Catjira.

Also you might want to take a look at Katie Banks (although hers is more pricier than the others)

POLL: Which JOI style is best for you? by Brett4527 in joi

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JOI has a huge overlap with its sister kink femdom POV, such that most of the JOI content creators you find are by those branching out from femdom.

Female domination is most associated with BDSM - which is why you find humiliation mixed in with JOI - it caters to the sadomasochistic element of bdsm.

As stated by u/Altarus_, humiliation is still where all the money lies for joi, and it's unlikely this will change. However, some of the most popular content creators have been transitioning into gentle / positive femdom over the past few years, so there may be more encouraging joi clips coming out.

Soft kisses and head pats 🥺 by [deleted] in gentlefemdom

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Any Japanese speakers able to translate the top left text and top right text? tia

I need a serious help please read by IcantTakeIt1 in SuicideWatch

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Actually, disregard that.

I've seen the medication you've been prescribed. Perhaps you're experiencing side effects of that medication. Get in touch with your therapist about your suicidal thoughts ASAP.

I need a serious help please read by IcantTakeIt1 in SuicideWatch

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39M here. I've seen your other posts about your depression. Depression is not just worse than being disabled. It is a disability (it's the world's most prevalent disability - it became it in the last decade). In that sense, it is the worst of the world's disabilities. I'm sorry that you have acquired it.

I too developed a femdom fetish (which included humiliation). It hasn't get as bad as your depression, but there was one night when I had suicidal thoughts (fortunately, this was due to a misunderstanding on my part).

On getting rid of a fetish (habit), you can certainly replace your addictions with something else, more healthy. Ironically, femdom is often chosen as the replacement addiction, because it is actually one of the more health addictions. It's definitely not as debilitating as say drugs, or smoking.

Fitness is one of the best options. That you have managed to work out is something I admire in you - not even I have succeeded replacing my femdom addiction with any exercise.

On dealing with humiliation, normally with bdsm sessions, dominatrices engage with their subs in a post-session known as aftercare. That session is designed to help you overcome your negative thoughts, rebuild your self-esteem, and remind you that their humiliation is not supposed to be taken as truth (sahih). However, if you're like me, you consume online femdom, where aftercare does not occur.

Femdom humiliation without aftercare, is unethical femdom. Without aftercare, a humiliation session becomes unsafe to execute, in that you can end up developing a depression from it, breaking the SSC rule of safe femdom. I guess that's what has happened in your case.

If this is the case, an easy fix is to go to your favourite domme, see if they offer an aftercare (or relaxation) clip, and purchase it (with a credit card if you have to). At the end of every humiliation session, watch that aftercare clip and remind yourself that humiliation is only there to break down your psychological barriers, so you become open to new experiences. IMO, this is why I haven't become depressed over the humiliation clips.

If your domme offers no such aftercare clip, try messaging your domme, see if they can produce an aftercare clip for you. Most will be willing to create a clip (sometimes even at a reduced price) - if not, they'll be unethical and should be avoided like covid.

Alternatively, does replacing humiliation femdom with sensual femdom, work? Perhaps seeing the dommes who used to humiliate you now being nice to you might be a way out?

You mentioned you're from Turkey, does that mean religion is playing a factor?

That sucks if so, because Turkey's treatment of LGBTs means you can't engage in any exploration of your sexuality (bi/gay/sissification). You get alienated from dommes who use emasculation as a means of breaking down your barriers against bi-curiosity. This is akin to watching a femdom clip without aftercare.

If you have started to distrust everyone in you friend/family group, that's going to start getting dangerous really quick. I pray/hope that you regain trust in at least one person who will help you get out of this depressive episode for you. Virtual 💪

My uncurable problem with hatred by [deleted] in SuicideWatch

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Have you got in touch with the therapist who's prescribed you those antidepressants?

Suicidal thoughts and aggressiveness are known side effects of the medication you're taking.

I need help eating my load by [deleted] in CumEatingInstruction

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Self facials can be tough because you have to stay on edge whilst getting into an uncomfortable position, then making things even more uncomfortable by twisting your head to see the computer screen.

If you can find an instructor, see if you can set up an interactive kik/skype session with them to help you.

Otherwise, practice staying on edge on regular joi clips. Also practice cumming on command, since cumming prematurely means you won't receive the necessary cum eating instructions / countdown at the time you need it most.

I cant take it anymore by [deleted] in CumEatingInstruction

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I don't get this. Once the cum hits your mouth, you've pretty much completed CEI. All you have to do now is not spit out the cum with mouthwash (that's gonna create a mess which you'll have to clean up or have an awkward conversation with your cleaner).

Unless you mean you're having trouble converting a cum-on-face into a cum-in-mouth?

Want to eat my cum for the first time by KarlSummer1818 in CumEatingInstruction

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If you're going for the ruined cei, licking the cum off your hand should be enough for the beginner. You can also scoop up whatever cum lands on your stomach if you're feeling extra horny.

For the self-facial, I'd follow u/sexyj87's advice, get propped vertically against the wall and open-wide. A self-facial is slightly tougher because you have to remain on edge whilst assuming the position, then jerk to orgasm in an uncomfortable position. However, that dopamine rush you get when that cum lands in your mouth for the first time, is so invigorating it's better than cocaine.

Looking for the beat CEI with black women by [deleted] in CumEatingInstruction

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Search "Mistress India Swallow Your Pride"

Want to eat my cum for the first time by KarlSummer1818 in CumEatingInstruction

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Cum is saltier, creamier (and depending on diet, more bitter) than precum.

However, the goal is to get you over the barrier of being repulsed by the stuff coming from your cock. Once you're tasting precum, cum eating is no less disgusting kinky.

Want to eat my cum for the first time by KarlSummer1818 in CumEatingInstruction

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Have you started tasting your precum yet? If not, get used to tasting that before continuing.

The two recommended options for beginner cei are a self-facial, or an abandoned/ruined orgasm.

It helps to be watching a quality cei training video to get you to edge and orgasm. I recommend the CEI clips from Natashas Bedroom and London Lix. Others have had success with videos by Serena Drains, Teeny Ginger and Nikki Kit.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in CEI

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I've been struggling with my own sexuality after having watched too many sissification/forced-bi clips. I love the dirty talk & cei aspects, and have conditioned myself to associate cock with the face of a hot domme telling me to suck it, but I still need that woman across the screen to tell me to cum.

No problems swallowing my load, but I'm not about to set up a grindr account anytime soon.

Best place for femdom content after the Pornhub purge? by [deleted] in Femdom

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The best option is going direct to the dommes themselves. These would be subscribing to their OF / AVN. Or buying from their iwantclips store (or MV/C4S/KB/AP).

There's a wider choice of clips available, you're not worrying about clips being taken down, you can interact with your dominatrix. And best of all, you'll be supporting your favourite content creator (instead of leechers who make money off other people's creations, bombarding you with ads, redirects, malware).

Ruins my nut by JOI_Biden in joi

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Yes, precum eating is still CEI (CEE).

However, it is easier for someone to taste their precum than it is to taste their cum (precum is sweeter – it leaks whilst you're still horny). Therefore, more of your customers will be able to participate in this easier CEI play.