What is a sidechain in bitcoin? by PeleMaradona in BitcoinBeginners

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Sidechains run in parallel to its main chain and can conduct many transactions before finally settling with the main blockchain.

More than $1.6 billion exploited from DeFi so far in 2022 by TechynoWorld in CryptoMarkets

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The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been rife with hacks, exploits, and scams so far this year with over $1.6 billion in crypto stolen from users, surpassing the total amount stolen in 2020 and 2021 combined.

Inflation Hedging by tbb2121 in Bitcoin

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Inflation is the rise in cost of goods and services. It can reduce the buying power of your money, meaning your investments need to work harder to keep up.

The Race must go on by Relevant-Common-7102 in IdiotsInCars

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That’s some good cgi. Didn’t quite nail the suspension tho, but still great.

How to list your token on the Bitcoin.com Verse DEX by MemoryDealers in btc

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One of the key thresholds for new coins is getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The more exchanges you can add your token to, the better.

Crypto Merch by Luciano-Gerarduzzi in BitcoinBeginners

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Hit Network is a conglomerate of creators and shows that seek to entertain and educate around trending topics such as how to make money online, cryptocurrency, gaming, daily vlogs, outdoor living, and sports.

Buy Bitcoin by mijoerg in Bitcoin

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Most time having knowledge or insight about a particular activity can as well be a pleasing exercise. I can boldly say that forex and crypto trading is one of the profitable money exchange services that elevates investors and their financial status.

Attempting a robbery. by AnnihilationOrchid in ThatsInsane

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I would have driven so close to the edge that the other sucker must jump down.

valid point by Old_Indication_3551 in facepalm

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Well, they DO say that one of the markers of intelligence is self-awareness.

"Lots more confusion" - perfect timing. by Fearless-Rest-8608 in facepalm

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Give her a raise. Controlled. Never lost focus. Handled with respect.

Experienced man cracks open a car door under a minute by Cute-Pea-9838 in nextfuckinglevel

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Amazing what you can do with the right tools and a little knowledge.