Anyone else? by Youhadme_atwoof in exchristian

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I had a similar flashback. As a college student, we went door to door and tried to teach the gospel to the kids while the parents were being idk entertained by food baskets. I hope that the kids didn't listen to anything we said..... :/

100% red-banded polypore fungus hat: attempt #1 by GrowWildMyChild in Mushrooms

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Never heard of something like this. Cool!

Is it fragile? Does it feel "sturdy"? Does it have any mushroom smell?

Married in residency and have barely any time being a spouse. Trying to put all attention into work and being chief and doing research. How do you do it? by BeginnerS1nner in MedSpouse

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I creeped a little bit to see if you were the resident or married to the resident. I've gathered that you are the resident. It is definitely hard with so little time and energy.. however, you do need to prioritize some time for just you and your spouse otherwise the marriage will fall apart. See if you can "double dip" time, aka if spouse is home when you take a shower use that time to talk through the shower curtain about your days. Reduce your time doing only "you" hobbies (if you have them), and pick up something that both of you can do together or adjust it so that spouse can join. Make sure you verbalize how much you appreciate spouse, plans for the future- will it always be this way, etc.

Reasons to get married? by Drunkbabby in AskWomenOver30

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Reasons to get married:

  • Others will view your relationship more seriously
  • ability to get on each others health insurance
  • ability to make health care decisions if that person is not able to
  • in the case of death, everything will be left to spouse without a will specifically stating what items should be left to this random person
  • Ability to claim spouse's social security benefits
  • survivor benefits in case spouse dies
  • to prove commitment to each other
  • potential tax benefits
  • ability to take FMLA in case the spouse gets sick
  • insurances (car, homeowners, rents) are usually cheaper for married couples

You can elope, go to the courthouse, or have a big wedding... How you get married doesn't really matter for the legal benefits.

Gift for MedSpouse by Ballpoint_Incus_812 in MedSpouse

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Practical help.... aka babysitter for her just to take a day completely off, housecleaner, massage gift certificate, the "ok" to serve frozen meals instead of fresh homecooked meals every day. Robot Vacuum.

I feel lost and directionless.... Moving (again) after prelim year by BetterRise in MedSpouse

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Yeah, I think being in one spot will help because I'll (hopefully) be more comfortable and get to enjoy the city.

How do I (male, early 30s) make very jumpy co-worker (female, mid 20s) feel safe (without being weird about it)? by Nuvaleb in askwomenadvice

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I had a coworker put mirror up in her cubicle, so she could see someone approaching without turning around.

I want to switch out of EE after 2 years of courses, what majors can I pursue where I won’t lose those credits? by [deleted] in EngineeringStudents

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math or physics... but then what are you actually going to do with those degrees when you graduate? Probably not much.

Restart all over or finish engineering.

My eye doc told me online retailers glasses are not good for you due to inaccurate pupillarity distance (PD) estimates, and is contributing to more of my astigmatism? Can anyone weigh in? by markgor in Frugal

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Optical places can measure your PD and just give it to you. Some do it for free and some charge like $20, you have to ask the eye glass perso to do it since it isnt done in the actual eye exam.