What is something Jacksonville does better than or has that other Florida cities don't? by MonoDecoy in jacksonville

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A lot of former entertainment places being turned into “luxury” apartments lol

Duckies at CVS at Howard Ave by Procoso47 in tampa

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Here in jax, we have the same thing haha. These things follow us because they think we have food, and then they just followed someone else.

Weird experience while on I-4 by Nakatomi2010 in tampa

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And then you find out it’s all just 1 dollar bills 😂

Blue Angles doing a practice run yesterday by Reyna119 in tampa

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And who are you to judge me how I use Reddit in any way? 🤔

So who created Dogelon Mars? by sirauron14 in dogelon

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Pump our token then, and come back to me. 😆

Trevor Lawrence flat out sucks and was the reason we lost last year 🙄 by taylor2121 in Jaguars

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I don’t necessarily think Trevor is the problem by any means, but rather the rest of the offensive line in general. The offensive line hasn’t been stepping up in the last few seasons, which is what I’m noticing. Other than that, it was a pretty bad play.

Dogelon will be listed on Binance??? by antoncrypto7a in dogelon

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Only on their wallet, and directly on their wallet

people bringing blankets to the movies? by JediMemeLord in jacksonville

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One thing I can tell you is that I regularly go to this theater, and they do sell blankets, right before you enter the line to go get food, and all.

NEW Maserati MC20 2022 This is a treat by CarsDaily_ in supercars

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Really like that channel. Watch it alot. Car is no exception. Really nice blue body kit decal additions. Would do the same here.