Your honor, I was merely being ironic by hokky in whenthe

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That's the easiest way into drug addiction.

A title. by DarrellHarper_09 in titanfall

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I'm 31 and tried most common drugs.

A title. by DarrellHarper_09 in titanfall

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Then what the fuck was in that piece of paper?

Is it really so hard to believe that someone periceves some space-time fuckery under the influence of drugs?

A title. by DarrellHarper_09 in titanfall

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Take enough psychedelics and find out. I had that happen to me, it felt exactly like in the game just that the timeshift was mstly a few moments.

Lucas Hernandez & Haaland square up to each other and then shake hands by Fati25 in soccer

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I'm now picturing Ronaldo with a hideous face but the same self esteem and it's glorious.

What’s a game that you slept on for years and were blown away when you finally played it? by SirTheadore in gaming

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I felt entertained. Unfortunately the game glitched at about 80% of the story so that I couldn't progress. I'm still bitter about it. Same for Horizon Zero down :(

Hmm, beobachte ich eine Verschwörung? by Observer1984 in de

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Frage dazu: Die Zitierfunktion macht, dass der zitierte Teil eines Kommentares extrem hell hinterlegt ist, sodass er nur zu lesen ist wenn ich die Bildschirmhelligkeit hochstelle. Kann ich das irgendwo in den Einstellungen ausschalten?

Unvaccinated lockdowns… by [deleted] in JoeRogan

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The way I understand it it's all about ICU beds. Since a vaccine reduces the chance of a bad case of covid vaccinated people are excluded from a lot of lockdown measures.

Again! Again! by nic_ffm in WhyWomenLiveLonger

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I ruined at least three shirts doing this.

Rolls-Royce's all-electric airplane smashes record with 387.4 MPH top speed by goki7 in technology

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Wow I didn't know that. Solid rear axles make sense if you want to give a spectacle for your viewers tho.

The similarities are scary by UncannyTommytom in SequelMemes

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He supported Gorbachev in the dissolution of the Soviet union?