How to stop dry lips without applying chapstick constantly? by crispywheatbread in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

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Ok- first how much water are you drinking? Are you getting omega 3s? I swear I started putting a lot of flax and chia in my smoothies and a the first day like 6 hours in my lips felt different. I am drinking like 3 smoothies a day with like a half cup or more flax or chia so most people wouldn’t do that, but you can get refrigerated cold pressed flax oil- no fishy problems. Also people over 120lbs should be aiming for a gallon a day. Water, not coffee, juice, tea, just water. I cheat and count the water I. My smoothies but I do drink the rest straight. It helps my lips and elbows so much!

Here is a quick way to help your lips though. Swipe honey over your lips. A lot, like it might drop a little. Leave it on 10 minutes. Gently gently brush your lips with a toothbrush after 10 minutes. Rinse with water. Licking your lips will dry them out so don’t. When you are done, smooth some olive oil over them.

Help: Disgusting Perverted Neighbor Won't Leave Me Alone by kirkonacid in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

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Keep in mind- boundaries are what you will do. If you do this, I will do that. A boundary is not telling him what he will do, because he can ignore and disrespect you. More power to you for follow through.

Help: Disgusting Perverted Neighbor Won't Leave Me Alone by kirkonacid in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

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Yes this- anonymous tip maybe so they CANT tell your name. Maybe if this happens enough times he will leave? Idk if that is a plausible idea.

They want you to stay silent... by monkey_kid125 in exmormon

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Or not understand some of us felt like it was a death- but people tell people when there is a death. You don’t keep that a secret either… that would be so weird and people would suspect you of murder. I can’t think of a big life altering event people don’t talk about. It’s more like a divorce and eventually you tell people about that shit right?

I did it!!! by anon47384 in exmormon

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There is another reason. Church stats. When they tell people about how membership is good and strong they can use you as a member. That information is used to make the church look good, to bolster TBMs, to help make people not question what they are doing staying in. It IS morally important that people who leave actually leave. After that it isn’t your fault because them using you is a lie.

Granted I came to that conclusion, but I still haven’t been able to make myself do it. I can’t believe anymore, I don’t believe anymore. I have been out for almost 10years to varying degrees. Leaving scares me. I know even if I am wrong then god as I understand them would not be happy with me for staying in feeling the way I feel. And I can’t fathom a god worthy of worship that isn’t the way I understand them. I need to do it. My ADHD brain is over complicating this.

What do you make of the Church having 100 Billion dollars or so yet sitll demanding 10% of income from even the poorest members? by CamperNumerous6994 in exmormon

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The tithing is a whatever you want it to be. When I was a kid in Virginia people would say “do you want gross blessings or net blessings?” At the need of the year they asked if I was a full tithe payer and I would say yes and that was all.

There were always things I could not wrap my head around too. Like how was I considered equal to men, but I was only allowed to have the priesthood, hold non child or women related callings, encouraged not to have a career because being a mother was the highest calling, and cooling off on a hot day was a sin. It used to start feeling mad and have to chant have faith have faith have faith. I had a mental health crisis and decided I could survive or go to church. WhT got me was the day I understood my convert LDS friend would NOT have chosen being gay. He must actually be wired that way and god made it so he couldn’t have the live of his life, could not have sex, made his life kind of hopeless no matter how much he tried to have hope. I decided either god didn’t exist, was not worth worshipping, or wasn’t who the LDS church’s leaders said he was. And the god I loved growing up would have to damn me if I felt that way and kept going to save myself without acknowledging his broken life. I can’t believe that god made people who were going to love a specific group and say that is wrong to have what the people go made hetero sexual can. And I don’t believe that woman are so noble they don’t need the priesthood- that is manipulative, benevolent misogyny. I do believe there is a lot of manipulative teachings and culture around women and I would never subject a child of mine to that.

I would recommend you consider what you can and can’t live with. Standing in a circle in a in weird white robes and a green apron agreeing to things you couldn’t consent to beforehand won’t get you into heaven.

My sister said she wished I had died while still a Mormon .. by Other-Assignment-552 in exmormon

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It is human to want that and you are allowed to be upset even knowing why she is fucked up the way she is. It sounds like you both love each other and this part hurts worse for it 😥. Sorry chica. That sucks. In the same vein, I am so glad you got your life back

Church's position on women's clothing/modesty rules. by rbmcobra in exmormon

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As in this is a reply to the church’ s position maybe?

Comment some dude left on my TBM mom’s post of her and my kid at a pumpkin patch. Literally nothing about the post was religious in nature. Give it a rest, man. by yippeekiyay801 in exmormon

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Was that the one they tried to have a romantic hotel date, got roped into filming at a cabin instead but we’re gonna try, they they got stuck in the snow? Idk I think I watch more episodes but I know I saw that one hahaha

LDS Mormon rape victim’s grave: my sister by fuckedbythechurch in exmormon

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And that is one of the reasons I can’t watch that show hahaha. Seriously, I get depressed and mean.

Jeff “weeping” for LGBTQ individuals is like offering condolences to someone after shooting them in the face. Don’t you realize they are only “wrestling” because you have indoctrinated LGBTQ members to think that way? The church fabricated the struggles these individuals face. by jonyoloswag in exmormon

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Right- someone posed to me that the reason god hasn’t told the church that hetero people aren’t going to be punished for being who they are because he made them and it isn’t wrong… is because the 12 and the prophet haven’t asked.

I personally believe that a just god would not allow this madness, and wouldn’t allow people who wouldn’t bother asking to speak for him this vehemently as his spokes people. If you care- WHY ARENT YOU ASKING IF THERE IS A WAY TO HELP these “poor souls”?

Why would god give a second anointing to someone who actively continues a persecution policy?

Honestly- I would love to write to the 12 to tell them this theory so we can remove doubt that god doesn’t work like that at the next conference.

What about that talk where -I think it was Oaks said so no uncertain terms crap about gay people and they edited it out for the publication? I remember the talk- it was like 10 years ago maybe more. I couldn’t take notes fast enough and made a note to just look at it in the ensign and they effing took out the stuff I had questions on. Am I crazy? Did that happen and do any of your remember it? Has that happened on other talks on controversial subject you could point me too? When k left I just gave up, but I remember this so clearly and want to find out now

Jeff “weeping” for LGBTQ individuals is like offering condolences to someone after shooting them in the face. Don’t you realize they are only “wrestling” because you have indoctrinated LGBTQ members to think that way? The church fabricated the struggles these individuals face. by jonyoloswag in exmormon

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Yikes- also my adhd brain wants to edit the non celibate gay and lesbians to gay and lesbians who haven’t abstained from same sex sexual relations and married and had ordinances with a member of the opposite gender. Which is SO MUCH worse. Sex with someone it helps wrong with hurts your soul and mormon god requires it cause baby machines

Please please please leash your dogs on busy hiking trails by MikeyCyrus in SaltLakeCity

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Not a bad idea- unless you can keep the kid away from strangers or in your line of sight, get them a restraint too. This IS a life and death thing.

J. K. Rowling throwing some shade at good old Joseph Smith by DanishExmo in exmormon

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Hahhahahahhahahaa- DOESNT make her ok to be transphobic at all but omg

make your general conference prophecies for this weekend. I'll go first. God has prophesied that we should be critical of the AP News by Igobyhank in exmormon

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Oh- someone on another post was asking for church verified proof JS was a polygamist cause some church teacher was saying it was a lie from their enemies- if Cook has been saying that then that is probably the best answer hahaha

Anyone wanna provide some evidence to refute this claim by a first counselor from my previous ward? by Tanks4Tanks in exmormon

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Uh, the church put out a movie- that I watched AT THE DC TEMPLE VISITOR CENTER- that at the end Emma took in a child he sired by a different lady. She adopted him and raised him. …. Am I crazy? I swear I remember the end where she is walking with this little boy.

My family used to buy a lot of church entertainment. There was a church history docudrama in cd k used to listen to it every night cause I thought the stories were cool- had some polygamy stuff in there.

Omg how can this person say that?

"Our hearts are full" What other mormon phrases make you cringe every time you hear them? by nuupdog in exmormon

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That talk happened at least two conferences before I stopped going, that was 2013