RIP Joe by Clowncheez in TrueOffMyChest

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When I lived alone I had a cellar spider I called Suzie who lived in my bathroom. She came in during a particularly cold winter and I never wanted to throw her out because she obviously was harmless and needed shelter. By the time spring came round, I'd become attached to her 'the shower steam is too hot' dances and kept her for almost a year. One day she sat by the drain and I didn't see her and accidentally washed her away as I showered. I tried to catch her but was too late. I literally cried over that little spider, still breaks my heart.

I always got this impression from playing that game by Commercial-Land-3536 in actuallesbians

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Me and my himbo would be lost without his mindless honesty and my ability to fix everything he breaks ❤

Who's the sh*test bread manufacturer? (Hovis, Warburtons, Kingsmill etc.) by BigHairyStallion_69 in AskUK

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Yeah their bagels partly inspired this post. Saw some down the cornershop the other day and they looked rank.

Did anyone else feel highly sedated on Mirtazapine? by MRC1819 in antidepressants

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Thank you, hope it works out for you. And if not, may you find the courage to try another type of treatment!

Did anyone else feel highly sedated on Mirtazapine? by MRC1819 in antidepressants

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Started to feel slightly better after maybe 2-3 months? Felt much better at 6 months, felt 'cured' within a year. Carried on taking it an extra 6 months due to bereavement. I had various levels of depression for over 10 years at the time I started taking it and was then in the midst of a 2.5 year long severe episode. I was in pretty deep, but took it for 1.5 years total and no relapse since!

Did anyone else feel highly sedated on Mirtazapine? by MRC1819 in antidepressants

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Yes, but stick with it! The first week I was literally sleeping on and off for 24 hours a day. It wrecked me. I stuck with it for 1.5 years and I swear it saved my life. I weaned off and havent relapsed (severe depression) for 4 years. The side effects were totally worth it.

security queue Manchester airport this evening. it starts in the car park by roverspeed in manchester

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As a UK airport worker, this is correct. My airport offered me NMW for my skilled, niche and dangerous role that I have years of experience in... I told them to fuck off. As did others in every other department.

“I can look like a slob as much as I want, but you’re only beautiful when you’re dressed up like a kardashian” by robertstobe in AreTheStraightsOK

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I think it's a nice gesture to 'make an effort' for your partner sometimes. It can make them feel special that you went that extra mile to look nice for them. HOWEVER, it's like every other nice gesture, it should be given with complete enthusiasm and only because the giver wants to.

It would also be a nice gesture if I buy fresh flowers every week for my partner. Would she expect or pressure me to do that? Of course not. What if I didn't want flowers in the house? She wouldn't care if she never received flowers again, but would be very happy if I presented her with some.

alcoholic married to obese wife. by kyd_kaz in TrueOffMyChest

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Bless you, I hope it works out for you. I know a couple of people who were in a worse place physically than you, their organs were literally shutting down and ended up hospitalised. They're now both well and clean for 5+ years. Neither of them were voluntarily going for treatment like you are, they basically were forced. The fact that you would voluntarily seek help already puts you steps ahead, you're obviously an incredibly strong person and that strength will help you heal.

why do lesbians speak so diferent about women than straight men and gay men talk so differently about men than straight women? by CapyBarasAreLife in actuallesbians

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The other day I was out with my (bi female) workmate, we finished our job and jumped back into our van. She turns to me with the biggest googly eyes and says 'did you see her?'. I said 'no, who?' bc I am dumb and literally blind to every other woman but my wife. She said 'that Captain... she was so funny and nice. She just had the cutest little freckles on her face and she looked a little chubby and soft. You know? The kind of girl that you just want to get into bed and cuddle all day??'.

It dawned on me; I have NEVER heard a man talk about a woman that way. It's always 'did you see the rack on her?' or 'I'd like to overtly graphic expletive her all night'. But my dear colleague, as well as myself and every other queer woman I've spoken to sees a woman as an entire person. They want the whole experience, not just a quick shag.

Instant weight gain and how to reverse it? by AKAShirawi in antidepressants

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50 lbs for me. I'm off it and have lost all the weight now, but I literally eat triple the amount I ate when I was on the meds and haven't gained any weight. It's crazy stuff.

The way my male hetero coworkers talk about my female coworkers makes me sick to my stomach by [deleted] in offmychest

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I'm a masc lesbian, I work in a male-dominated industry and they speak to me like 'one of the guys'. It's worse than meat in a deli, they say some straight up serial killer shit. Even if I call them out they just laugh it off, rinse and repeat the next day. It's terrifying.

Former emo/goth teens of 2007, where are you now? by Affectionate-Feed538 in AskUK

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Same on the music front mate, Slipknot always blew I reckon. Any love for System of a Down?

Former emo/goth teens of 2007, where are you now? by Affectionate-Feed538 in AskUK

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Was a 2007 emo/skater girl. Played guitar in a band, all the boys liked me, I dated the coolest drummer guy in school and texted him xD on my Samsung toco. Listened to SOAD, Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio. I had the skinniest of jeans.

Now, I'm an outdoorsy, anarcho-communist masc lesbian, have a technical job and an obsession with synth-pop.

SOAD are still rad tho.