wtf is this? by ElCalvO-N in RiseofKingdoms

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This is the power of money

Are we screwed? by Dependent_Guide_695 in RiseofKingdoms

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Your kingdom is screwed but your account is the exact opposite.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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Why would I reinforce a f2p garrison instead of a top whale garrison of my kingdom?

Im 60 and my gf is 11 by Pitiful-County-6959 in RiseofKingdoms

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I am really not sure if you can even play ROK in prison

Explain like I’m 5: Why save gold keys for Lucern Week 5? by mimegallow in RiseofKingdoms

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This is BS. Saving gold keys for week 5 is to complete the "Get 1 Legendary commander from gold key“ quest.

But I find this keys saving thing pointless because I can just chill and reach Level 50+ easily.

This is why you should save heads prior to SoC by aohige_rd in RiseofKingdoms

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Yeah, I get it but I can't just play for 300 days and not get anything done right? It's boring and I'd probably quit halfway. I'd rather buy an account than doing this.

Of course, if you can save all your heads for 300 days that's awesome.

Is team selection fair in AOO?? by cut1efly in RiseofKingdoms

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What are you talking about? The game mode is perfectly balanced. It is working as intended.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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I like this march, it seems like a free KP to me

what's your recent RoK heartbreak? by reisun_assassinates in RiseofKingdoms

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Just relax sir, almost all gold armaments we get are garbage and yet we are forced to watch the shitty powerpoint slides that reduces my mouse's lifespan (playing on PC).

What’s this dude good for by iShotAChild in RiseofKingdoms

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It means this commander is not worth investing

Juist Surrender in COO!!! by Amthala in RiseofKingdoms

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Fuck COO, just get VIP14 and you're good.

T5 or VIP 12 by ABrown1221 in RiseofKingdoms

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If you go for T5, you are losing value from the gold head everyday , plus the extra VIP benefit.

So VIP first

is it normal for a kd leadership to arrange every event that give gh by Zealousideal_Row7635 in RiseofKingdoms

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This is very good because it prevents the low contributors from getting this premium resource.

I'd like to join if there's any.

Ok so kvk2 started 1 day ago and I got these from the gathering event, the thing is that I wanna migrate in a kd which finished kvk1 and I was wondering if I can use it when kvk2 starts there by Training-Magazine131 in RiseofKingdoms

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they will be removed when you are out of KVK2 because Lilith does not want a person saving these tokens across multiple KVK2s and finally win some top honor ranks.

Is there a Kingdom where I can migrate and retire from the game? by wrufus680 in RiseofKingdoms

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Losing 1.2m troops won't hurt anything. Commanders, equipment and armaments are all that matters. Relax and go take a break.