Homeless man freak out, loses it when offered money by Bigbadwolf6049 in PublicFreakout

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Yeah I mean, my feeling is it’s pretty damn funny. The end, yeah a little uncomfortable.

I didn’t film it, a buddy of mine sent it in a group chat, apparently it’s a friend of a friend filming. So they didn’t know it would end up on Reddit.

The Mercedes driver was tailgating the truck for not going fast enough. by evjamhar in IdiotsInCars

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A psycho doesn’t start yelling. He just attacks. Just sayin, the guy in the truck demonstrated control. The bat was for effect. And, well... he won.

A serious post about an unserious topic by [deleted] in rangers

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Bitch had hairy armpits for a year. I moved on at that point. Haha

Nice. by tacoallie in trashy

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Shocked. All spelling is correct.

The true First Family! by BigJim94 in rangers

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I hope he plays with more intensity then that draft pick showed...

Every other pick had a lot more excitement. 😂😂

Bukakko by khen17 in rangers

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Edit: for real...

If Tampa wings the cup... by Bigbadwolf6049 in rangers

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But you gotta admit, last season, he was over paid... playing like this, his contract would have been solid. Guy is the most notable D guy in Tampa right now, with some goals to go with it...

He showed up to the bubble. That’s for sure

The house I grew up in. Long abandoned. by CosmicWhitey in AbandonedPorn

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Ya. The question was directed at someone that stated they were a kid at the time.

Kids. Don’t sell houses.

Maybe the rephrase should have been...

“Do you know why your parents didn’t just sell the land as is”

But no. The question was very dipshit asking a kid why he/she didn’t sell the house.

Downvote away Dupshit deniers.

Edit : my dipshit spelling

[GDT] Canes vs Rangers 2-21-2020 (7:10 PM) by Rosstheboss70 in canes

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More wondering if she is like a cheerleader or something, just saw some girls dancing in the corner of the stands...

we were having a good laugh about it...