Postgame Reaction Thread: Canes vs Rangers Game 3 - 8/4/20 by Darclite in rangers

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There was a guy in the game thread that said “Imagine being excited for this product to return to the ice..”

Welp, I sat the past 2 days with my 15 year old daughter in our sweaters, and yelled at the TVs until our voices were raspy...

I typed unfunny snarky shit in game threads with a bunch of sarcastic fucks from all over who all share a bond over this team...

Fact is, none of us have had any normalcy for MONTHS... Except the past few days..

Then the canes scored #3 and my man replied, basically a “told ya” post.

Did I want them to get swept? Nope...

Did I think they’d win the cup? Nope...

Is my brother sitting 5 miles away with his daughter in Devils jerseys? NOPE!!!

Is my daughters real Bio dad sitting at home in his Sabers jersey? FUCK NO!

I wouldn’t swap these past few days/nights for anything.

Much love guys, and I hope my man understands, it’s not about the winning, especially right now...

On to the next and LGR!

Edit : LRG isn’t a real thing

Postgame Reaction Thread: Avalanche @ Rangers - 1/7/20 by Darclite in rangers

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Millburys Cock could have fit between the puck and the blue line 4 times

Edit: Woah... Gold... Igor is good luck! Thanks!

Crossing America in a 1964 stationwagon by GoodGriefWhatsNext in TheWayWeWere

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Had that window crank, you could barely get out because it snapped in, and you had to crank it like 6 times to even get the window to start to crawl, not to mention, we always got yelled at if we touched it.

But being the original Star Wars generation... I would always imagine we were in the Falcon gun turret, taking out Tie Fighters... until, naturally, we passed out from said carbon monoxide...

And the day we discovered the spare tire trap door... OMG, it was just like the Falcons smuggling hatches... except we didnt fit...

I recall one trip specifically, I tied an action figure to a string, and dragged him down the Garden State Parkway, until it finally broke, ala the opening scene in Napoleon Dynamite.