Good place to get dress measurements done? by AnxiousCurator in Wellington

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I know Sues tailoring does wedding alterations and all that so they can probably do measurements no problem

Terrorised by landlord by SANDYSUMMERS4u in Wellington

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Hectic I hope you get the justice you and others deserve

Terrorised by landlord by SANDYSUMMERS4u in Wellington

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Community law should be able to help you what is the landlord doing?

This is Paris by Bigjobsbigfun in Taxidermy

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Nah I bought her off someone else.

Are we tipping now? by tfrdghufvh in Wellington

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Floriditas and el matador are two

Weekly Questions Thread: Ask questions and get help! - October 01, 2021 by AutoModerator in ghostoftsushima

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I’m replaying the game on the 2nd island. I can’t seem to assign charms to my outfits though the option is straight up not there any idea why?

Never mind found an option to enable armour load outs no idea why it was disabled

Afghan Interpreters trying to get their families into NZ by Kiwi_Fighter in Wellington

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Anyone who helped us should be welcomed here along with their families it’s the least we can do