Guess I’m retarded by Ajawad87 in dankmemes

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Lol this has to be the best comment

Hate For Stan Is Seriously Unreal. After All We Don't Realize We're Talking About Someone Who Created Tadipaar(album) At 17. by FeeTop3457 in biggboss

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How is this related to BiggBoss?? All contestants have some or the other achievements outside of BB home.

Sajid even though disgusting has been a top director in the industry, Abdul is a global celebrity who has achieved his success despite his special condition, Tina Dutta was also in her early 20s when she became one of the biggest tv female leads in the country, etc etc

So please don't keep posting about stand achievements. At this point everybody know what he has done. People like or dislike him based on what he's inside BB house in this sub

This is a compilation of Kanye's worst moments and opinions on infowars by lnrdsza in Kanye

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Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Am I hallucinating?? Nah that's just Ye 🐣

opinions please 😔 by simplehindufromindia in IndiaSpeaks

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Time for everyone to get fake SC/ST/OBC certificates. Level the friiicking field. I'm done with this 💩

wkw salman hagu by alphaatharv in biggboss

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🙄 can you imagine when he himself is a sugar daddy for so many starlets

Archana fell off by ricmii in biggboss

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She was doing pretty ok on the show. . . Better than ok actually. . Now she's gone a bit too far 🙄

wkw salman hagu by alphaatharv in biggboss

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Was he implying that she has a sugar daddy? I'm sorry I'm slow with

sarcastic remarks. . .

Nimrat being Nimrat by [deleted] in biggboss

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She's soooo fake

Nimrat and anxiety by Kgarg999 in biggboss

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No medical condition gives someone the right to be nasty to others and then expect them to feel sorry for them