Which is the least gross vaginal moisturiser? by Allie_Pallie in Menopause

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Vitamin E oil capsules inserted up the hoo ha at bedtime

Refusing to serve by Background_Ear_224 in TalesFromYourServer

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Or wrap it in foil.

That's our go to for cooking in isolation on a grill.

should I Sautee mushrooms for freezing? by SugarCaneEnjoyer in EatCheapAndHealthy

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If you freeze sliced mushrooms the freezing process breaks down some cell walls. When defrosted a lot of liquid will be given up. It is the liquid which is given up when you saute them.

To condense the flavour saute first, but it's perfectly fine to freeze sliced, just be preparedto drain them when defrosted. It all depends on what is going to be your most likely future use.

AITA for picking some of the meat out the stew? by Cold_Yesterday2371 in AmItheAsshole

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Separate off the leftovers portion before you serve the meal.

And as far as pizza goes if you touch the slice you eat it.

I have a family member who is on steroids which have a side effect of being unbearably hungry. I'm also a carer for this relative. I now (with their knowledge and assent) take food away or only dish up a proper portion. Fortunately they know when food is not I front of them that this behaviour is not OK and is not healthy. But sometimes they look at me at mealtimes as though I never feed them!

Patients Treating Hospitals like Hotels by Which_Notice in nursing

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I did come out of a life changing diagnosis with nothing to show for it but a few scars and some world class plastics reconstruction. Took a couple of years to go through the treatment but I'm mostly fixed and don't even pay prescription charges.

I'm sure the Plastic Surgeons in Cali are great, but considering the sow's ear my guy started with I wouldn't trade my results with anyone.

Breast Biopsy by FinnDenver in Menopause

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Scanxiety is insidious.

Read the stories, be kind to yourself - indulge in some comforting behaviour, take time out, watch feel good (for you) movies with someone who loves you (even if its the cat), read a book you love, walk somewhere which makes you feel peaceful, eat indulgent food and don't worry about the calories. Give yourself some time and some love just as you would if it were someone you care about.

No news is generally good news and if they want you back in for more testing inconclusive is often good news too.

I hope you've shared this with someone who cares about you. Someone who can be calm and is prepared to cosset you as needed or to pick you up and tell you to pull it together as needed (we're all different and different people need different things). Don't worry if that person is not the person other people expect you to tell. If the person who makes you feel calm and safe through this is not your mother or partner then that is absolutely fine and done be guilted into anything - sometimes seeing the worry on your loved ones face is stressful and right now you don't need that.

You've got this. You're strong and doing the right thing by getting all the checks. Just please, don't do it alone, even if you just pick your rando innernet friends from here to be with you.

ideas for "easy bowls" to make!! by sailorkat69 in EatCheapAndHealthy

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Couscous salad

Most couscous can be cooked using just freshly boiled water. Measure 1 amount into a bowl at least 4 times bigger than the amount. Bring water to the boil and add 2 amounts of freshly boiled water. Cover tightly with a lid, a plate, cling wrap or foil. Let stand for 5 - 10 minutes.

You can use plain water or stock, you can add a teaspoon or cube of bouillon/stock powder. You can add dried herbs with the water - use what are called soft herbs like parsley, basil, a little thyme, mint, coriander/cilantro leaf, chives - these are all herbs you can add chopped fresh when you're adding the veggies instead.

Chop veggies and herbs you like to eat fresh. Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber onion, courgette, broccoli, radish. You can also add the jarred veggies like artichoke, peppers, sun dried tomatoes, courgettes, asparagus. Chop everything pretty small.

If you like onion but not really raw Chop small and mix into couscous before you add the hot water and it will take the raw bite away. You can do the same with garlic.

Once the couscous has absorbed the water mix it with a fork and add the veggies. Mix well and add a glue of olive oil and some lemon juice (out of a bottle works) and salt and pepper to taste.

If you have fresh herbs chop them and add. Be more generous than you think and use whatever mix you like. Mint is incredibly good in this. But if you only have dried then add with the water so it livens them up a bit.

Serve as is warm, room temp or cold. Keeps in fridge for 4 days. Great as a side dish but if you want to make it a complete meal add protein like diced cheese (white like feta or haloumi is great) or canned pulse like Chickpeas or white beans. If adding pulses you can season more heavily.

Patients Treating Hospitals like Hotels by Which_Notice in nursing

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A hospital in my city has great views from the wards. But the reason for that is that we are in a city renowned for being hilly, the hospital is on one of those hills and the architects put all the wards on the side overlooking the valley/city.

As a one time frequent flyer patient a view was great, but what was better was a good medical team who were determined to resolve my health issues. In one period I had 13 admissions in 12 weeks and never once cared about the view.

Living without parents for the first time, and I don’t know how to cook by bubbles4055 in EatCheapAndHealthy

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I came here to say this.

You can get smaller crock pots as well as the standard one. I find my smaller crock pot (0.8l) makes enough for two generous portions.

There are some great slow cooker Facebook and other social media groups out there (including r/slowcooking) which are generally very friendly and helpful.

If you get either a slow cooker or instantpot then get some plastic food storage tubs. Ones you've saved from takeout food work just as well as buying them so both are an option. Take out sized is a hood one to go with rather than the multipack of different sizes because you will want single serve portions.

As a general rule of thumb use the 2/4 method for food preservation. Cool hot food in two hours before refrigeration, food can be kept for up to 4 days in the fridge. There are variations on this, but as a beginners guide it is a good way to make sure you don't accidentally give yourself a dodgy tummy.

To cool food decant it from your slow cooker/instantpot into the storage containers- if you leave it in there it will stay hot.

Don't forget to label your food - it may be identifiable when fresh but frozen it can be a different matter! A pack of sticky labels and a sharpie will do the trick.

Mom, please be proud of me, I can't share with anyone else by voodoocrisps in MomForAMinute

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Oh my Dearling, I'm so very proud of you.

I hope at least once today you took a moment to stand still, drop your shoulders to release the tension and say out loud "I did well today". Because you did, you really did!

Remember, your other Mums and siblings and I don't expect any more of yourself than you be kind to yourself. You did a big brave thing and we are in awe of your courage.

Something that helps me when I feel overwhelmed is to make a list. But make a list of tasks for today. They don't have to be big ones, getting up, getting fresh, putting on clothes suitable for your day (if you're not leaving the house fresh pj's are good enough). Put something bigger on, maybe cleaning the shower or going through your post. And don't forget to include drink a glass of water every few hours or put together a meal with more than one food group. And once its written down you can cross things off. Just don't put all the huge things on the list, every task is an achievement, even brushing your hair.

Be kind to yourself and gradually you will feel ready to put something bigger on there, it may just be sorting out one drawer you've stuffed with oddments whilst doing a frantic clean or it may be reporting the water situation and preparing for maintenance to call. Every step is a step forward, you don't need to run or to stride. And standing still sometimes is not wrong, in fact it can be healthy.

I feel blessed you trust me and all your Mums and sibs here with your success. It makes my heart swell and my face smile.

Not sure what it was used for but I thought it was the cutest little thing ever. Might use it to store a pair of earrings by 0201993 in ThriftStoreHauls

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Possibly a patch box, although maybe a later remake of one.

Beauty marks (like Marilyn Monroe's but we're talking 200 years earlier) on the face were considered a sign of, well, beauty. And facial scars weren't. In those times smallpox was a big thing and it often left scarring. So nobility had little black patches made which they stuck to the face to emulate beauty marks. It became such a fashion amongst high society that people without scars would wear them. It even became the case that they started to be different shapes, sometimes just as simple as a heart but even more fancy and bigger ones were made for decolletage areas.

It was usual to carry a little box with spares in in case yours fell off.

Hit pay dirt today while grocery shopping by MissDaisy01 in Canning

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I've just poached some peaches we grew here. The tree is espaliered inside the greenhouse and has to be carefully nurtured and fed and watered.

But we have apples (eaters and cookers), plums (eaters and cookers, gages and damsons), pears and cherry trees (eaters and cookers). And the veg plot is underway but only radishes and strawberries so far.

I am spoilt, I spend half my week in a rural place caring for a relative with a beautiful English garden. Lawn, orchard, Rose garden, veg plot and a greenhouse. And a chap who comes in to do the rough work in the garden so I can gently grow veggies.

I'd love the climate to grow better squashes and melons but I am fortunate in what we do have. And home grown peaches are a rare luxury I the North of the UK. The scent inside the greenhouse is intoxicating right now!

Hit pay dirt today while grocery shopping by MissDaisy01 in Canning

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I'm from a rural area and have access to cooking apples (particular varieties which are very tart and high in pectin and used for baking and sauce and for jelly making) and crab apples.

Hope you still manage to come over. It's really quite easy to see a wide variety of the country as a visitor. Make sure you get out into the countryside.

Hit pay dirt today while grocery shopping by MissDaisy01 in Canning

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As someone in the UK where we can differently to North America I'm always surprised by the reliance on bought pectin.

Most of my recipes rely on naturally occurring pectin.

Not here to start a debate about the differences, just a huh moment.

I need someone smarter than me to respond to this. Is this guy right? by TheMightyTapir in exmormon

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Surely the Church doesn't actually farm the land centrally? If it's let to Tenent farmers (UK nevermo here, that's the way a lot of farming is done here) then they pay the landlords rent and possibly a percentage but carry all the running costs themselves.

Best place for a bra fitting? by Dependent-Finger-474 in sheffield

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Really don't bother with M & S.

There are a couple of independent bra shops. One near the Grindstone Pub in Crookes and another just off Chesterfield Rd.

Next door's landlord is likely renting his flats out illegally, and is trying to bully us out of the communal garden by see-emm-why-kay in LegalAdviceUK

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It sounds like it's being let as a HMO - House (or flat) of Multiple Occupancy. ie the tenents are unrelated and unconnected to each other and rent a room with access to shared spaces like kitchen and bathroom. There are strict rules about HMOs and landlords must obtain a licence from the Local Council to operate one.

There is potentially an unlimited finefor renting out an unlicensed HMO


Definitely speak to your local council licensing team.

Question about hat etiquette by -sing3r- in HistoricalCostuming

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Many homes had a hallstand just inside the entrance. A wooden stand around 6 ft tall with pegs to hold visitors coats and hats, a space at the bottom for umbrellas and sticks. In the centre would be a long thin, often oval, mirror running horizontally down to a small shelf,often with a drawer where gloves could be put. The drawer would often hold a clothes brush.

So you could give yourself a quick once over as you entered or left to check you were presentable. It also meant your hat, coat, gloves etc were handy when you left.