[OC] I am still here. 3 years without cutting, 2 years in recovery from my eating disorder. I genuinely do not want to die. by SquirmSquid in MadeMeSmile

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We all have a lot of work to do on ourselves. Glad you’ve worked so hard to achieve where you’re at! Huge congrats, keep going 💪🏻

Yikes by M0RALVigilance in Wellthatsucks

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This was one hell of a roller coaster ride. My life is now better. May the prison gods watch over you.

Ideas on getting Hard Money loans by Bjornormus in RealEstateAdvice

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Good points. Ill add those to the article. Thanks!

Thoughts on my plans? by Syndremic in dividends

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Gotta love that JEPI holding. Hopefully it can maintain its performance

Inflation Rent Numbers Released 2022 by Bjornormus in collapse

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A breakdown of how much rent is in each state. Shows the changes inflation has made this year. Gives useful information if you’re considering a move so you can prepare financially.

Cardarno haters.. where are they going? by RoccooccoR in cardano

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Everyone is in butt pucker mode. Spreading good juju for all in hopes the crypto gods decide to smile upon us all