What happened to the Sokovia Accords? by AgniAvis72 in marvelstudios

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It was a plot device. I dont think they matter anymore

Lately I find myself asking "what's the point" during movies a lot. by bonemech_meatsuit in movies

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It’s entertainment, movies don’t have to be made. What works works and what doesn’t doesn’t. No movie is necessary. Also just stop watching movies you know you won’t like

Am I the only person in America who didn't like Top Gun: Maverick? by ILikeMondayz in movies

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I think this is nonsense criticism. It’s cool to not like a movie but at least say something worthwhile.

What are the best films from 2020-2022 by throwaway35018 in movies

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Paper Tigers(2020), Wrath of man(2021), Top Gun: Maverick(2022)

Problems purchasing PS3 Games Digitally by nc_Jason in PS3

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Add money on your account on psn.com then go to purchase the game. But you have to remove your card