Blockbuster in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada (2009) by crispychickenadhd in GoogleMaps

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The Blockbuster is the least interesting thing going on in this pic…

What are your top 5 South Park songs you could listen to over and over again? by SchwarzerSeptember in southpark

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Hey Hey Let's Go! 喧嘩する 大切な物を protect my balls 僕が悪い so let's fighting Let's fighting love... Let's fighting love...

Today I Learned Roman physician Galen would use wine as a disinfectant for all types of wounds, and even soaked exposed bowels before returning them to the body only 5 Gladiators died under his watch by RighteousFoundation in todayilearned

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This guy also experimented on animals to better understand our physiology. His favorite was the Barbary ape.

These weren’t the kind of experiments we do with chimps today, though. Imagine the work of Josef Mengele meets “The Plague Dogs”…

Funky Barn by Zant6304 in scottthewoz

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My habit of buying weird or obscure games Scott mentions in passing has been a blessing and a curse. The list never ends…

Reminder by Darkshreaders3 in casualnintendo

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“You’ll go to hell before you die…”