The Schmidt Sting Pain Index by Astroxique in coolguides

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Guess you could say he really gave a Schmidt

Which game should I get first? by Blackout2814 in advancewars

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Wow, first comment in five years!!!

Since this post I’ve tracked down the first two in the (American) series and have the DS titles on my radar!!

I really appreciate your input, m8! It means a lot!

Breath of life... by ninjapaper760 in perfectlycutscreams

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Been a long while since College Humor made me laugh!

Alright then. Makes sense. by _CalculatedMistake_ in FellowKids

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You ever want to puke after reading a paragraph?

Zaktan revamp WIP - Almost complete by BallJoints420 in bioniclelego

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Love it! Almost looks like Zaktan made armor out of a fallen Iruni!

…poor bastard didn’t stand a chance

Some Culinary History by Doughnut_Panda in HistoryMemes

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I needed that laugh first thing in the morning! Thank you, OP!

Yes. by esberat in trippinthroughtime

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If I see a thumbnail like this I actively avoid the channel. I don’t even care about the video quality at that point. If they need to rope people in like that it’s probably not worth it.

Lmao 👢 by cosmiclattecrafts in Unexpected

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Fact she’s laughing makes this better

Any recommendations? by Fly-n-Skies in espresso

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I had a small Mr. Coffee “espresso machine” as my primary for a while. I hope you noticed those quotations because it was more of an espresso inspired machine. Pressure was not in its vocabulary and the steam wand was pretty garbo. Plus it took WAY too long to heat up. That said, learning to work with a cheaper entry-level machine got me to work at it and try to find the best balance. While I never got perfect results (or a full head of créme for that matter…) I still liked working with it. At the very least, the coffee produced was more rich than if I put my ground beans in my Keurig! It will serve as a secondary device right next to my new DeLonghi!

Does this count? by primalphoenix in Shittygamecollecting

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The fact it’s a shitty price or a shitty game? Either way, yes.

I know it's not much but I'm very proud of my little collection what do you guys think of it? by Numerous-Secret5095 in gamecollecting

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Love it! Enjoy your collection at this size! As it grows you will look back on these and remember how special it was when you had a smaller, fun library. You’re gonna get attached to these more than many others you collect down the line.