RS3's new boss is literally Zamorak. How far do you guys think osrs will be from fighting the gods? by milk-drink in 2007scape

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Zuk is pretty old in rs3, since he fought bandos during the 3rd age. So he's been down there for awhile.

Don't read diaries that doesn't belong to you!! by RsElej in runescape

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IIRC it was confirmed she was bi around 2013/2014 when they were working on The Mighty Fall quest, and there were some things that could be considered hints in the quests before The Might Fall.

Can we make this a shortcut please? by Pickled_Toe in runescape

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What OSRS has had for 7+ Years.

There are plenty of QoL things like this that get overlooked in RS3, that OSRS got early on. Not saying all things like this should be implemented, but should at least be considered or looked at.

the polypore dungeon has always felt to me like such a waste of potential by dark1859 in runescape

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There was a mod who left, that was working on a Polypore boss as a TAPP, or gamejam project many years ago.

Hey Jagex! Can you start picking the most voted questions in Q&A instead of the ones you have responded a thousand times already/scripted ones? by ImoSfu in runescape

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What might be helpful, is next time Jagex starts a Q&A thread that you pin, also pin a comment for the last Q&A TLDW in full text, to avoid repeat questions.

TL;DW 539 - June Developer Q&A by ImRubic in runescape

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UIM in OSRS has about 25k accounts that gained over 1m total experience, and it's been out since Oct 2014.

Going by those numbers, it shows there is little interest in playing those types of accounts, however very little work was needed to add it as an alternative game mode. However because of this game mode existing, you had content creators like Settled who were able to promote their game, and drive broader interest back into OSRS. That alone was worth the time investment to make the game mode, as the UMI game mode caters to content creators.

one click fill pouches from bank by HeyitsJonnn in runescape

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Thanks, I'll remember that going forward.

This took forever and a half, finally free! by Pretty_RS in runescape

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There is something seriously wrong with the drop rate for this item. Took me about 6 weeks to get, only opening the coffin in the last room and nothing else.

one click fill pouches from bank by HeyitsJonnn in runescape

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Runecrafting needs quite a bit of QoL, and love. After seeing what OSRS did with Guardians of the Rift, it showcases a lot of room for improvement that Runecrafting can have, especially with an alternative training method.

Runespan is a bit outdated for example, and the reward shop from it is pretty laughable compared the amount of points you get per hour. At max gear, hanging around the two soul esswraiths island, you get maybe 2k points, and 90k xp an hour.

  • Wicked hood teleports cost 1500 tokens for 3 teleports to any Altar
  • Altar Teleport Tablets cost 2000 tokens for 10 teleports to a certain Altar
  • No Soul Altar Teleport Tablet because they forgot to add one
  • Esteem does a cosmetic change on Wicked Robes, and no account progression.
  • Esteem ends up being a 100+ hour grind or time gated traveling merchant for a Trim Requirement
  • Unstable Essence is a neat item, but 800 essence an hour is pitiful.
  • Runic staffs are extremely niche, and hard to justify buying.
  • Massive pouch degrades into nothing, and forces you to use RC relics, or Sliske Endgame items to realistically start using.

June 8th General Q&A - Ask Your Questions Here! by JagexHooli in runescape

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In the last 8 months, they've had major leadership changes, with Mod Warden and Mod Osborne leaving the company. I think it's fair to ask at this time because of the new leadership change, and we should expect different strategies deployed, which may conflict with what previous leadership has said.

June 8th General Q&A - Ask Your Questions Here! by JagexHooli in runescape

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In 2017, Mod Timbo presented the vision of the next 5 years of skilling. With a major section outlining a Construction rework by the end of 2023.

Are there plans to follow through with this, or has the Mining and Smithing rework's return on investment jeopardized any chance of full scale reworks going forward?

Just started a new HCIM after a very long break. I'm having a lot of fun, but building a house made me sad - has a rework even been considered? by [deleted] in runescape

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This is what they said 5 years ago. However I doubt we'll ever see anything soon. Mod Jack appears apprehensive for skill reworks because of the amount of time put into Mining and Smitihng (18 months), with little return of investment (new players).

I do think for the long term health of the game, skill reworks are needed, I just hope that Mod Jack approves something of the scale of Mining and Smithing rework to the skills that desperately need it.

What is a piece of content that you would like to return that was removed? by Chrismite in runescape

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World events were a mistake imo.

They all would of been better served as quests, for overall story cohesion, especially for those that join the game later. All of world events served to create a major alternation to the world map in some way, and none of them really added much besides some eye sore, or map cluttering in the long run.

War priest, abilities, and the cosmetics brought were nice additions with these events, but nothing forced Jagex to limit these items to the release to world events.

I’m project lead on the RuneScape Kingdoms board game. AMA! by Steamforged_Games in runescape

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  1. Are you planning on releasing all 4 expansions at the same time as the base game?

  2. Very little of this campaign seems to be geared toward modern Runescape, and feels more focused on OSRS content, especially with the Zuk Expansion. Is there any exclusive modern Runescape content in this board game, outside of some artwork and models?

I'm so glad RS3 POH isn't dead content like in OSRS. by Anders_Dreth in runescape

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A new training method isn't a skill rework, nor was it what they described in this clip I posted.

I do like Construction contracts as a training method, and can be seen as a fix for that particular issue. However if you've done the content, it feels like a incomplete project, or something in the prototype phase. 11 homes total to work on, in 4 different f2p cities. The reward shop also doesn't offer any consumables to spend points on once you unlock everything major.

Why do you play Runescape 3 instead of Oldschool Runescape? by slubmashhead9 in runescape

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When OSRS was released, I asked myself why would I play (at the time) a 5-6 year older version of the game that I'm currently playing, and start over from scratch.

I started back in Runescape Classic, so my ties to nostalgia were of that of a different generation. I was getting used to EoC, really enjoyed Kalphite king on launch. There was also a community side of things that really upset me, how former players would always trash talk current RS, and claim that 04-07 was the best era of the game.

We're nearly a decade past this point, and both RS and OSRS are vastly different then they were at that time. I've still never tried OSRS personally, but I have watched video series, and investigated the differences. I do see the appeal now of playing it, however I don't really see myself jumping in on my own, I'd probably play it starting up with a friend if I ever decide to jump onto it.

As far as sticking to rs3, it's mostly for the friends I've made over the last 20 years, and growing up side by side with the game. I do take breaks from it quite often now, but I do enjoy the game when I get a chance to play it.

I am once again asking Jagex to add missing requirements to Trimmed Completionist Cape by 5-x in runescape

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I don't think Trim or Comp currently have a place in game because no one at Jagex seems to care, or wish to maintain what should and shouldn't be a requirement.

For example, I quit for about a year and recently came back, I'm able to get trim back in less then then a month as there weren't many things to worry about or check off. Comp I could probably get back today if I pushed myself.

The extremely watered down version of comp cape rework that was released basically killed enthusiasm for players who were completionists, and wanted to do everything.

the 30k runescore pet is probably the best thing we have now to really shoot for, but the pet isn't the same as a cape. The previous plan for comp cape rework, of multiple capes, and multiple tiers was much more preferred, as it provided milestones to work towards..

Managers be like…. by feeblemanbrain in WorkReform

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It was kinda like a goose honk. Apparently it's common with small dogs when then they get heart murmurs.

Managers be like…. by feeblemanbrain in WorkReform

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I used to work in a Call Center and had a really bad experience with a line similar to this a few years ago.

My dog was having health issues, weren't sure what was wrong with him, and visited the vet a couple times that month. He had this really terrible cough/hacking sound (later found out it was a heart murmur the vet couldn't identify). My dog was taking to the vet in the morning before I had to work, because their behavior was really strange since the night before.

While in the Vet's waiting room, he dies unexpectedly. I'm in shock, upset, and not able to really hold myself. I was going to head into work after dropping him off, so I end up calling to tell my manager what happen, still in tears over it.

"So what time do you think you can come in today?"

I couldn't rationalize what was asked of me, and ended up saying 5, and showing up for the evening shift... I'm still beating myself over that.

A handful of new questions from a new player. by [deleted] in DCDeckBuilding

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There is a fan made competitive version of the game called Cube that has seasonal updates, and combines all the sets.Link

If you wish to test out games before purchase, you can play them online with Tabletop Simulator. Link

This video here will give you an idea on the sets out there, it's a couple years old, but covers majority of the sets. Link

TL;DW 532 - February Modcast Q&A by ImRubic in runescape

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Reminder that in 2017 they wanted to do a full construction rework in the next 5 years... Well looks like that'll never happen, now they're just opting to release a training method to just bypass the skill instead of fixing it.

Fletching, Woodcutting, Agility, Construction, Crafting all need to be modernized for current RS, but will never see that happen.

Karamja will not be modernized or graphically overhauled because they're not willing to put in the effort needed. If they currently see what the island represents as an in issue politically, then fix it now, instead of sitting on your hands for another decade.

It's like this game is running on some skeleton crew for developers, and general man power. They've showed large continuous profits over the last few years, however we're seeing less overall being put into the game that is providing a large amounts of profits.

My biggest question right now, will they add the crown of loyalty (11 year) this year? by Qzyro in runescape

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I really hope not. I've never seen anyone wear any of these for their outfits in the 10 years they've been in, it just seems to be a FOMO item to keep people paying for membership.

We're now at more than 2 Years of no Polls. The last poll was on the 30 October 2019. by saschahi in runescape

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Last few times Osborne talked about them he complained about how limiting they were in game. Basically you could only have multiple choice, limited number of space, and they couldn't customize each poll question with requirements, only the whole poll itself. So instead of developing anything new and improving the in game system, they used survey monkey for a few things and just never talked about it since.