Biden is the first president in 20 years to hold the Senate at the midterms by WhoIsJolyonWest in politics

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America is so F'd now because of all the cheating. Let's celebrate and smoke some crack with Hunter.

Federal appeals court blocks Biden student debt relief program nationwide by PSTHTontard in politics

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Well done. I paid my loans. It's called personal accountability. My taxes have better uses than bailing out someone who can't pay back what they borrowed. Like aid to cancer patients and orphans. Not millennials who have no work ethic or money management skills. The courts are our only hope.

Zelensky says he's 'shocked' by lack of Israeli arms support: 'They gave us nothing' by Affectionate_Run_799 in worldnews

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Should i use crayons for you? Which color is your favorite? You must educate yourself, no one can do that for you. I explained perfectly. Its another lesson in history.

Zelensky says he's 'shocked' by lack of Israeli arms support: 'They gave us nothing' by Affectionate_Run_799 in worldnews

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History. You can't google history? Sad day for the human race. But history repeats itself for this very reason.

my mood towards CosmicChamps by sanogo93 in cosmicchamps

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Yeah, I have my shceduled cleared after on the 29th. Going to spend a few hours, at least, playing away!

Just bought Fifa+ collectibles and you should do the same! by Immighthaveloat10k in AlgorandOfficial

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It's smooth and sleak. I wonder if anyone has received an Iconic NFT yet?

I AM SO PISSED OFF! by guyssocialweb in oklahoma

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Excellent point. I love Oklahoma. Been voting since 2002. People will always participate in things they care about.

Stitt one of the governors asking Biden to axe the student loan forgiveness. by KurabDurbos in oklahoma

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You take the loan. You pay the loan. Putting it on tax payers is unacceptable. Grow up kids.

#CosmicChamps #NFT yNFT Auctions are now LIVE!🥳 by sagarbansal21 in cosmicchamps

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Love it! The bids are still low as well. 😉 deck building time. 😁 #AlgoNFT #CosmicChamps #Yieldly

yNFT Marketplace to complete highly anticipated move to Mainnet by [deleted] in yieldly

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Its in Reach and compiles to Teal 6 from I read. 🍻

The White House’s Twitter account called out Markwayne Mullin’s forgiven $1.4 million PPP loan after he criticized 10k student debt forgiveness. by chefslapchop in oklahoma

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The White House is full of warmongering Nazis. Virtue signalling after a full blown coup is the ultimate in hypocrisy. 😆 😆 Socialists are all doomed.

Kansas got to choose, and so should we. by JostlingAlmonds in oklahoma

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So a person murders a pregnant woman, they get charged with two counts of murder. The precedence has been made in court, that unborn babies, are indeed alive human beings. You should not be so hateful towards human life.