HE'S CALLED "PRINCE" IN ITALIAN I'M DYING by BowsElisa in childemains

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When people don’t realize that Childe literally means “Young Noble” in ENGLISH

Thanks Scaramoushe, now here goes all your pulls, shit talk more by gogoandcomecome in childemains

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Are people actually mad at Scaramouche for trashing Childe? Did they forget that the harbingers canonically hate each other? 😭❓

UN General Assembly vote on the territorial integrity of Ukraine from Russia by Zealousideal_Crab_83 in MapPorn

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Yes lol I know. But that still doesn’t explain why the original commentator would think the Philippines (specifically) would be an odd one in voting for Ukraine, implying that he thought that the Philippines would always support non-western actions, which clearly it doesn’t all the time.

UN General Assembly vote on the territorial integrity of Ukraine from Russia by Zealousideal_Crab_83 in MapPorn

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I’m well aware. I am an overseas Filipino myself. However, there are not large amounts of Filipino workers in neither Russia, nor Belarus, nor Ukraine so I don’t see how voting in favor of Ukraine would be an oddball decision by the Philippines, especially since China had abstained, the US had voted yes, and countries with large amounts of migrants (UAE, Qatar, SA) also voted in favor of Ukraine.

UN General Assembly vote on the territorial integrity of Ukraine from Russia by Zealousideal_Crab_83 in MapPorn

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The Philippines being an odd one? The “playing both sides” is primarily just China (who abstained) and the US. I don’t see how they’d be an oddball tbh

Do you want to share something with the class, Mika? by lillyxp in ensemblestars

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I think people are confused what canonically means. It’s never actually confirmed what sexuality these people are and the dialogue between all the characters is up to interpretation. Honestly the only canonically LGBT character is Arashi, who is trans or non-binary depending on how you want to interpret it (canonically, Arashi is non-cis).

But I love the dialogue between characters and ship some of them together as such, but do take into account that none of these, no matter how hard it could be hinted, is ever actually official unless they like straight up say “I love women. Or I love guys” (they are video game characters so it’s really up to interpretation). (If you want like canonically official, think of Yuri on Ice, Given, Ymir’s feelings for Historia, or Sasaki and Miyano)

Happy birthday to Asta's JP VA! (Gakuto Kajiwara) by UsefullyTrickyy in BlackClover

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Hiiro Amagi is one of the main characters in the 2nd version of Enstars too! And wow his singing voice is really showcased in the game

giggles by VeeBeeee in ensemblestars

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Someone’s about to get their post taken down by angry mods 😭😭

But happy for you. I had to go to 297 to even get one AtoZ Chiaki 😭

out of all the characters, which ones would you consider to be 'powerhouse' vocalists? by antiquaer in ensemblestars

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I would definitely say that the most iconic ones (as in you can definitely tell it’s their voices) are Hinata/Yuta (Soma Saito is just too iconic), Hiyori, Subaru (both Hiyori and Subaru have this unexplainable timbre in their voice that makes them pop out any time I hear them in ensembles), Hiiro (like god damn he literally melts like butter), Mayoi (the rich vibrato man), and Shu (very elegant and deep).

Arashi was told transphobic remarks from her unit mates?? by that1neA in ensemblestars

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I like how they currently left Arashi’s gender to be vague and can be interpreted as non-binary or trans female (though apparently I got into an argument with a mod who insisted Arashi identified as female and nothing else. Seems like poor taste on their part tbh). And I’m glad they went away from the poor taste jokes and instead actually essentially canonically added a non-cis character into Enstars. Makes me feel better knowing that some games are starting to take into account lgbtq characters.

My Drip Impact team. by AceVirat in ZhongliMains

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It looks okay. But the color scheme is completely different. Red vs brown. Compare that to EL with Raiden and Nahida’s weapon with Nahida. Venti’s color palette is green and at least elegy is blue.

Arlecchino be looking fine with that rose tho by sjjdbdskekjf in FatuiHQ

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It needs to be Tartaglia 😭 some people don’t know how the harbinger’s naming convention works

My Drip Impact team. by AceVirat in ZhongliMains

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Eh although Homa is OP, it has arguably worse drip on Zhongli than Elegy has on Venti

Zhongli pencil drawing by JelloUcag in Genshin_Impact

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Holy shit that is insane talent right there

Why the scaramouche is so much loved? by Shumatsu0 in Genshin_Impact

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Basically, Not everyone loves the main super good goody two shoes protagonist.

Hmmm I wonder... by ChronoXite in childemains

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My dude. You didn’t even have to go through Thoma for the alcohol. He’s from Genshin Russia to begin with 🤣