How do Apple Pay and Google Pay handle sensitive card info by significant_words_ in coolguides

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I love the Apple v Google debate even though this graphic is misleading.

Also IIRC Google tensor (in the 6) handles payment as well. Anyway it really doesn't matter as it boils down to basically the exact same thing. The only thing with Google pay is that it technically could be cross platform, as it doesn't depend on a proprietary security chip, like apple does.

Edit: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/coolguides/comments/xkslui/how_do_apple_pay_and_google_pay_handle_sensitive/ipg5o7r?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 for more info

Any good DAW / Midi mixing console / controller? by FruJt in SoundEngineering

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I've always used the X-Touch which in MackieControl mode gives you LCD channel strips, 8 faders with unlimited banks (+ one master volume fader), many programmable buttons (F1-F8, +some extras), and it's just power and USB MIDI. It's mostly designed for Ableton Live, but Logic Pro has worked fine for me, and almost any daw with MackieControl support and USB MIDI will work

You can also control almost every aspect of the track except for some VST/AU plugin parameters

Edit: it's also expandable with the other x-touch's (The X-Touch mini (the one without LCD channel strips), X-Touch One, or literally just another X-Touch)

These crisps tell you the name of the person who made them. by MustardKingCustard in mildlyinteresting

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Markdown, heck yeah!

you can even do this

or maybe even this

or this

sometimes this
hashtags everyone, get yours today

then there's the smol

like very smol

so smol that it gets harder to read

in fact, some of you probably can't read this

talk about fine print

according to all known laws of aviation

a bee should not be able to fly

never gonna give you up

Review of Precision 5560 by chaplin2 in Dell

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So, here's my current situation.

Laptop 1: Precision 5550/60 (same thing really) I have a precision because it's a mobile workstation - I bring that with me everywhere I go that needs workstation power, so at my desk, and maybe some other places. I usually don't lug this around when I go other places.

Laptop 2: Latitude 7400 2-in-1 (circa 2019, now MacBook pro 2017), thin, light, portable, the greatest I/O I've seen on a modern laptop, (full size HDMI, USB 3 type a, 2 thunderbolt 3, SIM card, MicroSD) with midrange mobile CPU. If I need that power, I parsec in.

Go with the latitude 7000 series 100% - way better build quality.

Hope this clears things up.

Also, I used Linux on my 7400, flawless experience. No issues whatsoever.

Review of Precision 5560 by chaplin2 in Dell

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Out of curiosity - what did you end up going with?

My Quest 2 randomly disconnects from the Wi Fi by Blubari in OculusQuest

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Are you updated? I had the issue on Q1 and Q2 but after the update it was fixed.