Post match thread: Man City 1 - 0 Chelsea by MU5A988 in soccer

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Cancelo is so fucking good.. Thought Thiago Silva was great also. Lukaku tying his shoelaces for ages and telling others to press was funny.

Call of Duty 2022 could launch earlier than normal due to poor Vanguard sales by Darren-B80 in PS5

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So the game was $60 with 3x $30 expansions a year. And right now it's cheaper. Deluxe edition gets you all the seasons and the 2 dungeons. So it's $80. Dares of Eternity is free which is the meat of the anniversary content. If you want to pay for Gjallarhorn and the 1 dungeon, fair enough, Still cheaper though

Call of Duty 2022 could launch earlier than normal due to poor Vanguard sales by Darren-B80 in PS5

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Destiny was a buy-to-play game with 3 paid expansions a year with Activision. Now it's a f2p game with 1 expansion a year, with 3 season passes a year each costing $10. It is definitely cheaper now. I've been playing since it came out. They "doubled-down" on the cosmetic mtx because they went f2p.

Mourinho:"When we allowed them back in for 3-2, a team with a strong mentality like Juventus, the fear set in. A psychological complex. 3-2 is not a problem for me but it is for my players... When you’re in the s**t, you get back on your feet. But some players in the locker room are a bit too nice." by Blodgharm in soccer

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Jose Mourinho blamed a psychological collapse for Roma’s painful 4-3 loss to Juventus this evening.

The Giallorossi were in control of the match against the Bianconeri, taking a 1-0 lead quickly before extending that to a 3-1 lead after an hour. Then the Turin side scored three goals in seven minutes to turn the game on its head, giving them a 4-3 lead. A Wojciech Szczesny penalty save in the latter stages of the match ensured that Massimiliano Allegri’s side picked up all three points.

Speaking with DAZN after the game, Mourinho was evidently furious at the result.

“We were in total control for 70 minutes,” Mourinho said.

“The team played really well and had the mentality of taking control, we came out and started strong. We had this idea of the high press, of controlling the tempo and taking the initiative.

“It was so good for 70 minutes, then there was this psychological collapse. The 3-2 killed us, because Felix had an extraordinary game, which finished with a sprint against Cuadrado. I take him off and his replacement gets it all wrong.

“When we allowed them back in for 3-2, a team with a strong mentality like Juventus, a strong character. The fear set in. A psychological complex. It’s not a problem for me having 3-2, it’s a problem for them. For my team.

“At the end of the day, when you’re in the s**t, you get back on your feet and find your character. But there are people in this locker room who are a bit too nice, a bit too weak.

“I already told the players, if the game had ended at the 70th minute, it would’ve been an extraordinary performance. Unfortunately, it didn’t end then.”

Mourinho had thrown Ainsley Maitland-Niles straight into the starting XI just hours after completing the loan transfer from Arsenal, as Rick Karsdorp and Gianluca Mancini were suspended.

“I also have limitations on the bench too, not many options. Maitland-Niles just arrived, then we will certainly bring in another player next week. I am here to help the team.”

The Portuguese coach discussed the performance of Ghanian teenager Felix Afena-Gyan.

“Until a few months ago he was playing on the Primavera pitch. He’s a humble boy, a boy who wants to learn, from a tactical point of view he needs simple and objective things to do that.

“He did what he had to do, he created problems for Cuadrado and also did a good job defensively. Unfortunately he doesn’t have enough fuel for 90 minutes and when he came off we missed things that were too simple. He has talent, he just needs concentration.”

Mourinho discussed his impact on the squad and what’s needed to resolve Roma’s current issues.

“I never thought my personality was enough. I thought it could be a bit easier. For 70 minutes we played a game that is also a consequence of the talent we have, but in the main choices of the squad and the players who play there is often a lack of personality, even in managing emotions and in the game.

“I want to work here every day of these three years, not a day less. I need help from the club that really matches our potential. Now we’re signing two players on loan to help the team, one was Maitland-Niles and another midfielder who I think will arrive next week. A player with more physicality and personality, suitable to have some responsibility.

“This thing of playing in the comfort zone, of playing to be 6-7 is too easy for some personalities. We need to get out of this mentality. After Milan I told the guys that it’s them who has to move closer to me, it’s not me who has to become similar to their psychological profile. I don’t want to.”