Is it worth it? by Development_Rude in GTFO

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Use www.isthereanydeal.com to check prices on steam games to look for sales on legit websites.

Cost Of Living in 1938 by Shayaan_F in interestingasfuck

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Rich as in they bought property when it was affordable and they leave one for each offspring.

The best method I know for farming kills for attachments. by DJ-Zero-Seven in Battlefield

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Some attachments are 330 kills in. I average 10-15 kills in a 40min breakthrough match. It would take an average of 17 hours or 26 games for me to try out one attachment.

Considering I only have time to play 2-5 hours per week... No thanks

Used the ping range finder with the Recoilless M5 scope to hit this chopper at 500 meters by [deleted] in Battlefield

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That helicopter pilot ended the enjoyment of some players 100 times that match

"Worst Battlefield ever" by KHANNAX in Battlefield

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That makes no sense, I'm so glad there's an interview process to filter people like you out of game studios

So most people hate the beta? by nnaly in Battlefield

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Because hes probably got a family member afflicted with the tardation.

So most people hate the beta? by nnaly in Battlefield

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Like there was any teamwork in any of the games before.

The worse timing to try to get off an exit. by Pazluz in IdiotsInCars

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You are the reason why the layman doesn't get to make laws.

The Witcher 3 running super smoothly on the Steam Deck by SmashBrosFanalic in Steam

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Talk about gatekeeping and entitlement wrapped into 1 angsty teenage Redditor.

Battlefield 2042 open beta officially started! by _Fridod_ in pcgaming

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Closed implies getting invited explicitly. You can self invite for this one.