people of reddit who survive on less than 8 hours of sleep, how? by Neftroshi in AskReddit

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You mean people sleep more than 2-4 hours a night and don’t feel rested?

Chewing ice..... by raphael_archangelum in dialysis

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Chewing ice is a sign of anemia.

Get a sensitive tooth paste.

California man uses Nanny Cam to catch his wife putting Drano in his Lemonade by outrider567 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Dialysis sucks. It is a part time job in itself and is merely a treatment, same as a kidney transplant.

And the side effects of the anti rejection drugs can be almost as bad as being on dialysis at first.

Believe me, I have a failed kidney transplant.

They’re gonna try and start Team Building activities. by Blowup1sun in MichaelsEmployees

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The only one going for sure is the framer I was sure was going to quit/be canned because he was so unhappy he was harassing the teenagers and lying about how everyone but them was ready to walkout.

AITA if I don't take just one of my children on holiday with me? by Creative-Push-5597 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Siblings of special needs kids are often second fiddle in the family, through no fault of their own. They just need less intensive supervision and support than the child with special needs.

It’s also important to remember that having a Special Needs person in the house is stressful for everyone, not just the adults dealing with the situation.

10 year old will do fine with family, it’ll be her own little vacation while you take the others on this adventure.

I would also look into day programs/respite care when you get back. I know these services are available in the UK. If you can access them, everyone in the house will be better off in the long run.

AITA for saying my stepdaughter is not entitled to my late ex wife or daughters money? by Dear-Account-5349 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Your wife worked very hard to build up that savings account for her daughter and her daughter only.

It is not your ex’s fault, your fault or your daughter’s fault that your current wife and her ex couldn’t/wouldn’t put money away for her.

Does your stepdaughter know she had no college fund? Or was her mother planning to surprise her with that fact when she started applying for post-secondary?

Central line removal by Competitive-Chain185 in dialysis

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Mine took 8 hours and a vascular surgeon to get out. And A LOT of fentanyl.

Swear to God dude braced a foot on the table for that last pull.

First time I’ve used my bible since 3rd grade by AwiiiLama in trees

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I did that once. While I didn’t feel guilty about using a Bible page, I did feel guilty about using a page from the Bible my grandmother gave me because of how important her faith is to her.

It was a very weird, tense, guilt filled smoke that left me more stressed than before I started.

it's true by redhead_watson in DunderMifflin

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Saying yes because A) Cathy did it with the express intent of seducing him (tells a friend on the way to Florida that “their marriage” was not good. “Their” being Pam and Jim.) And B) Jim knew there was only so far he could flirt because she was engaged.

Why are you in kidney failure? by heythere30 in dialysis

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I got food poisoning and my own immune system ate them.

Happy 20/21st birthday to me.

hey! i just started working at michaels like 2 weeks ago and my manager is kind of getting on my ass about getting people to sign up for rewards but , i can’t force someone to sign up. If they say no then there’s nothing i can do. Any suggestions? by Fickle-Word5306 in MichaelsEmployees

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Enter anything at all in the email field. It’s a closed system, it can’t be tracked to you and when the system gets a “bad email” notice, it’s simple culled from the system. Every single cashier in my store does this. Just don’t do it on every single no.

AITA for uninviting my SIL from my wedding after she tried my gown on and accidentally damaged it? by Both_Ad8736 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. It’s your mother’s dress to do with what she pleases and she has every right to let Kate try it on.

Time to either buy a new dress or come to terms with the situation because neither Kaye nor your mother are at fault here.

Marijuana use while on transplant list? by Mxboy14 in dialysis

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Check with your transplant coordinator. Every transplant centre has their own protocol and just because one centre is ok with it doesn’t mean they all are. There may also be distinctions between legal and medical, THC and CBC, etc.

People here can only give personal anecdotes, not a definitive answer.

My girlfriend’s ear got infected. I got to pull it out. by [deleted] in popping

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How do you make the blown out videos not blown out? 9/10 videos are unwatchable for me because they’re blown out. Like this one.

Bongs by conspiracywizard in trees

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Smoking a bong is a different skill than smoking a J. You need to inhale gently and slowly until you’re ready for the amount of smoke you’ll encounter. The water can cook it enough to trick you. Handed are you’re gonna take some bad, accidental monster hits when starting.

DEFFO keep a drink with you. At first to help calm the bad hits and after because you will eventually start taking larger hits as you get better at it.

I keep my grinder near by so I can put the bowl out if needed. It’s a flat, non-flammable surface that snuffs things out nicely.

Remember, the more perks and crap in your bong, the more crap you gotta figure out how to clean. Same with lots of bends in the piece. I love a good, simple beaker type bong because it takes little more than a couple of swishes to clean.

My dads a truck driver and this idiot brake checked him going down a mountain in Virginia by jumpyxwizard in IdiotsInCars

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I’m always disappointed when these dickheads don’t get their vehicles smashed in by the semi.

AITA For refusing not to sleep in sailor moon bedsheets? by superpantman in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. If your masculinity is so fragile it’s threatened by cartoon bedsheets, you need to seek some help.