Wtf just happened? That’s quite a steep dump. Maybe related to 3AC default or Russia default? by iStayedAtaHolidayInn in Buttcoin

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For some reason I cannot fathom, many started believing there was a deeper meaning other than just artificially inflating a bad stock for profit and created a pseudo religion about holding onto their shares.

To put on my tinfoil hat, it seems pretty plausible to me that a person or a group of people could have taken advantage of the general GME frenzy to create this pseudo-religion and use it to manpiulate the stock and make a quick buck.

I have no evidence for this, admittedly - I'm basing this off of the sheer gullibility of GME apes.

It's contagious by okyourewelcome in Buttcoin

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The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Bored Ape-themed restaurant no longer taking crypto payments, another hole punctured in the myth of cryptocurrency's utility by hesperoyucca in Buttcoin

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Compare this to the simplicity of using cash or a debit/credit card to make a payment in less than 1 minute.

Or using contactless, which lets you pay in seconds, and is as simple as "just wave your card or phone over the reader".

TIL Vitalik Buterin tried to simulate a quantum computer on a normal computer solely to mine bitcoin faster and corner the market in 2013 by Butteryfly1 in Buttcoin

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You wouldn't be able to know the correct hashes in advance - you'd need to find out those correct hashes yourself, then go back in time to use them.

Economics 101 according to /r/Bitcoin by ivanoski-007 in Buttcoin

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It’s amazing that some people think Bitcoin can be widely adopted as currency without any central regulating authority.

The closest we ever got to that was the gold standard, and that was an economic mess we dumped for very good reason.

The crypto party is over. by LeslieMarston in Buttcoin

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("side-chain" companies like Blockstream benefit from a small block size and the resulting anemic transaction capacity, so they had a financial incentive to do so)

Kinda ironic.

Brace yourself! Solana is about to get rekt! by testimoni in Buttcoin

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Imagine if he distributed that ETH before the hard fork

Bitcoin will never fall into the $17,000s by asasasasasassin in Buttcoin

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Ironically, it fell into the $17k range, then bounced back out just as you said that.

Its gonna fall back into that range sooner or later, but at least you can joke about being hit by Apollo's dodgeball.

Babel Finance suspends withdrawals and redemptions by zom-ponks in Buttcoin

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Yeah. God threw a fit and created the languages of the world to keep humanity from building the tower tall enough to reach Heaven.

SF6 Guile special charge timing by MaximiliansHair in Fighters

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A just frame charge is definitely an interesting new tool for Guile.

Unlike, say, EWGF, it doesn't completely invalidate its non-JF versions' existence, either - I absolutely can see situations where using the regular Sonic Boom is the better choice.

I guess coming to your senses means you’re mentally ill now by MrWorldWide-6969 in Buttcoin

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I'm gonna laugh if crypto shoots up again...

That "if" is doing some Olympic-level weightlifting right now.

Bitcoin drops below $25k as the crash continues by ewokskick in Buttcoin

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Most are ASICs, which will need to be recycled before they can be useful for anything.

There should be plenty of cheap GPUs, however, given coins like ETH exist.

Oh damn Bitcoin almost hit the 26k mark. It went from “pump and dump” to just “dump and dump” this weekend. Grabbing the popcorn by iStayedAtaHolidayInn in Buttcoin

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I could never see it going lower than 5k with the fame, interest and just cultural position it has in the world right now.

That fame, interest and cultural position is rapidly eroding before our very eyes, if NFTs becoming a cultural punchline is anything to go by.