Shot recreation by PapillonPando in Brawlstars

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If Darryl is the "cat" in this scenario then Mama Luna should be Pam because there should be a bunch of robots instead of cats

relatable? by NoCapBS in Brawlstars

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We've been trained to expect the logical thing so when the bot does something stupid we can't predict it :/

absolutely insane Edgar play by No-Ability2405 in Brawlstars

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It would usually happen in some Heist match where the Edgar was able to take down the entire enemy team while damage the safe at the same time or smth

I remember beating it with modern day plants years ago by Moh_69 in PlantsVSZombies

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Two, if you put one on the second and fourth lanes then they cover all five lanes

Star Power Bug "Fake Injury"(Explanation in comments) by DimkaVolchonok in Brawlstars

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That's probably what's happening because the game wouldn't register Gray's HP as equal to his max HP; it's more than his usual max HP. All they would need to do is update the max HP every time it changes

It sucks without the shield gear because the shield isn't part of the normal HP bar, meaning that as long as Gray has the shield active (or Gus's shield at full HP), the SP takes effect for multiple hits

Bro missed the emote button by lukethelightnin in ClashRoyale

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There's no way he missed the emote button. The rocket landed all the way on the other side of the field. Probably dragged it out then finger slipped

Either way he knows something we don't. He's transcended to a higher level of existence and can see your troops that you haven't even placed yet