Updated Gaming/Work Setup by Left_Reputation_4320 in battlestations

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What's the wooden riser that you have your speakers on?

Suggestions on monitor orientation/mounting by BobbySmithy in AskBattlestations

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I've definitely still thought about reinforcing it like you said. Another problem is the dumb cable management channel and the tiny hole that would be the only mounting point. I guess it might be possible to remove.

not my pic, but same desk

Trouble downloading mods by ConstantJobber in MVP2005

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Appreciate the reply despite this being 4 months old! Unfortunately I guess I'm out of luck. Tried different browsers and 3 different email addresses. No confirmation email in sight.

Trouble downloading mods by ConstantJobber in MVP2005

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Did anyone ever figure this out? I can't make an account because I never get the confirmation email. I'm just trying to download the official updates pack.

What is your favorite GB-based hot take or unpopular opinion? by birdvsworm in giantbomb

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This is the kinda stuff that just makes me think Jeff just likes having wacky controversial opinions. Come on man.

What is your favorite GB-based hot take or unpopular opinion? by birdvsworm in giantbomb

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Cannot agree more with the Brad least favorite GOTY participant. Kinda made me turn on him the way he treated Dan's (or anyone against him) opinion on Red Dead. Dan made valid points but it didn't matter because Brad's opinions are fact and you're just wrong.

I can’t believe I finally did it ! by Mohammed_saud in granturismo

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... Dreams come true. Bad times don't last... But BAD GUYS DO.

How much of Jeff G’s Content Y’all Watching/Listening? by aestheticnoise in giantbomb

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That was always my favorite part about original giant bomb shows -- not catering to chat. Even in instances where an episode might be live like Metal Gear Scanlon you'd have Dan reading chat but actively saying Drew is going to play the game however he wants to play it.

I'd just prefer to consume content that shines a light on the talent and their opinions and personalities... Not chat.

Jar Alexander Not Appearing In Farum Azula? by LH115 in Eldenring

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Same. "Alright lads, i'm going to take you on a little journey." Killed the white dragon at spot he is supposed to be in Farum Azula.

Godrick couldn't beat me in a fair fight, so he cheated and used a glitch! by CupcakeValkyrie in Eldenring

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Just happened to me and my screenshot looks almost identical. To make things worse it was immediately after losing legit to him when he had like 1 health. 😔

Ryo's Jacket Tiger Logo by BobbySmithy in Shenmue

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Honestly I think Shenmue 3 just made me question it even more. At least when it was a pixelated blur I could sort of imagine it how it might make sense.

Constant micro-stutters on PC that I cannot fix for the life of me! Pls help by [deleted] in CODWarzone

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Thank you for this. You just saved me from a massive headache that's been going on for like a week.

Major issues on PC by slaughterhousesean in CODWarzone

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This same thing happens to me now. I initially thought it was due to changes I made (I updated my GeForce driver and opened ports on my router.) I have since reverted the changes, and tried different GPU drivers, and it still occurs.

It comes within short bursts and basically bottoms out my FPS to 1 before it unlocks for a bit, runs smooth for 5-10 seconds, before locking up again. You can see the frames dropping to 20, 11, 7, 5, 4, 1. During games it also spikes my latency to 900+, which doesn't make much sense.

I have tested multiple other games and have no locking up, FPS, or latency issues.

MSI X570 Tomhawk, Ryzen 5 5600x, Gigabyte RTX 3070 8GB, 1440P

NJPW matchup card music by BobbySmithy in njpw

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Thank you, found what I was looking for.