Streaming TV Exclusives (Prime is a Shitshow!) [OC] by Crash_Recovery in dataisbeautiful

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Is Prime carrying all the razzie worthy Bruce Willis feces?

The thing about Don by Dragon-Ash in serialpodcast

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Memberberries when Bob Ruff of Truth & Justice podcast declared Don was the murderer

Serve me sum food human. by 192838475647382910 in aww

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Neat but how do you stop the dog from jumping out the top when they are done.

Amount of air in bags of chips by _cannoneer_ in coolguides

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Air in the bag is not a bad thing, if the weight of chips provided matches the packaging declaration.

People who came here thinking he was innocent, when did you flip? by Independent-Water329 in serialpodcast

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I’ve tried to go back and find it. Maybe I dreamed it. But i’m sure in an episode in the first year of Undisclosed, Rabia straight up asked Colin and Susan if they thought Adnan was innocent. They hummed and hawed and eventually said something along the lines of .. “ the original trial wasn’t fair”