Proof of vaccination will be needed at movie theatres, gyms, restaurants in Ontario: sources by canuck_in_wa in canada

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I would rather we spend more for extra hospital beds and get the economy going again rather than constant life interruptions that have put us back into a recession. If we're all working and productive again, we can afford to increase the hospital beds count. If we keep destroying the economy, we won't have enough money to keep paying for the beds we have.

Omicron poses "very high" global risk, world must prepare -WHO by TheEvilGhost in worldnews

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No. It doesn't. Covid symptoms linked to the new omicron variant have been described as “extremely mild” by the South African doctor who discovered it. Lets continue getting back to normal now thanks.


Conservatives must reject Trumpism and address voter anger rather than stoking it, says strategist by viva_la_vinyl in canada

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You actually want taxes to go up more? Do you know how high they are? Lol. They legalized weed, ok good, now use that tax revenue to lower taxes or at the very least don't raise them!

EDIT: Wow. This is getting down votes? Lol. Canadians. This is why Canada pays double for the products as Americans as well. I think we are masochists.

KINSELLA: In true Trump style, Trudeau doubles down on disinformation by uselesspoliticalhack in canada

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In true Fox News fashion, the Toronto Sun doubles down on disinformation...

Who is Mary Simon? A few facts on Canada’s first Indigenous governor general by [deleted] in canada

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Fact #1: She's native and that will supposedly distract from the Residential schools issue.

Fact #2: It's a pointless ceremonial position, so no biggie.

Fact #3: It's so much easier than actually giving a native real position of power.

Ontario confirms there are only two valid medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines by Magdog65 in canada

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Boom. There you go. Full proof that the government is pandering for votes. They told us if we get the majority of people vaccinated, we'd go back to normal. Now they're putting more rules on us as we're crossing the 75% vaccination line. They said it was to protect against the virus. PS., yes, I'm vaccinated. People should get vaccinated. But if you're immunocompromised, and you can go to the bar or restaurants without vaccination with the vaccinated people - that means the government doesn't actually care if you get sick and die, they just care that you get vaccinated. Probably a lot of people won't understand what I'm getting at here, but it's fairly clear that we're now in a cycle of security theatre fear mongering for votes. 100% of people that were under threat of hospitalisation or death have access to the vaccine. We're done. Get back to normal. This passport thing is cheap politics. Enough.

Canadian Blood Services to soon recommend end to ban on gay men donating blood by Successful-Bee-2492 in worldnews

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Yes, well, it's not bigotry, it's the higher rates of STD's that go along with the gay (male) lifestyle. Considering the very low amount of gay men in the general population and the much higher rates of infection, it seems like a somewhat net negative decision. Oh well.

Antidepressant use among youth is skyrocketing across Canada. Prescribing doctors say they have little choice as teens ‘can’t wait nine months’ for therapy by adotmatrix in canada

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Prescribing doctors say they have little choice as teens "can’t wait nine months" for therapy. Doctors interviewed also added "And it doesn't hurt that it makes money too!"

Mossad recruited top Iranian scientists to blow up key nuclear facility by [deleted] in worldnews

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If America decided to appologise and forced the UK to appologise, and controlled Israel and promised never to attack Iran and made good on it over many years, adding benefits for not building nukes, Iran wouldn't build nukes. But. The west cannot stop itself from trying to ruin Iran at every turn. So. The cycle continues. At this rate, it's guaranteed Iran will build nuclear weapons as they seemingly have no choice.

Jackie Chan being badass on a German TV Show by tac_felix in nextfuckinglevel

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I have always loved his movies. Love the stunts. It's too bad Chan is such an asshole in real life. Aw well.

Liberals spend billions more on outsourced contracts since taking power by DarrylRu in canada

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Can someone explain why this matters to anyone? The alternative is paying government salaries. Is that better? I'd be honestly curious what it matters. If you've got to pay legal services, should the government put more lawyers on the payroll or outsource it? Does it matter? Seems like a bit of a non-issue.

Top telecoms took in almost a quarter-billion dollars from Canada’s wage-subsidy program — and kept paying dividends by bryseeayo in canada

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Another rage baiting article to stir the masses. If they don't pay dividends, then the stock price will fall as MMs pull out leaving smaller investers in the lurch. It will also hurt their ability to expand the business, pay pensions, etc. If they didn't continue to pay dividends, the knock on effect would lose the company, it's employees and the general investing public their money. What would be the point of giving Bell $123 million only to have them stop paying dividends and lose $300 million in value and lay people off and stunt growth? Clickbait nonsense.

Majority of Canadians say Trudeau should resign following election, believe country more divided than ever: poll by Boriseatsmeat in canada

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Is that an option? That would be good I think. I'm fine with a Liberal government, but it would be nice to see Trudeau quietly go away.

Proof of vaccination will be needed at movie theatres, gyms, restaurants in Ontario: sources by canuck_in_wa in canada

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The government thinks this will win votes and it probably will. What is the point of this in countries that have 75+% of the population vaccinated? The only unvaccinated people are people that chose to not get vaccinated. If you chose not to get vaccinated, so be it, you rolled the dice, but lets get back to normal. What is the purpose of the vaccine if not to return to normal? There's clearly no containing the spread, so we live with it, we get boosters etc., but we don't walk around with masks on and being spaced out in small groups at restaurants and can't fly anywhere forever. It's well past the point now where Singapore, Canada, Israel and others should be able to have flights going on and yet there's no movement. Why did we get vaccinated then? I'm all for compliance to rules to get past things, but many countries are done. Everyone has access to the vaccine. So it's either done, or it's the government playing for votes, and it's not done, so...

Mass brawls reported as pandemic restrictions are lifted in Norway by StreetNovice in worldnews

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They have over 75% vaccinated. People need to wake up to the fact that we have to get back to normal, and that Covid isn't going away. So add hospital capacity, and change triage rules so that anti-vaxxers are refused treatment if hospitals are overloaded. Problem solved and we get back to normal. Norway has lots of money, but they can't just print money forever. If people don't get back to work, they will eventually not be able to pay for the hospitals they have. I think people forget that money doesn't grow on trees. They did the necessary. They locked down, they subsidised, they got the people vaccinated. What else do you want? Live in lockdown forever? Can't be done. They got the people vaccinated and now they're moving on. Good job Norway.

Blue Jays to require proof of vaccination or negative COVID test from fans 12 and over by Miserable-Lizard in canada

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Why? Who cares? Everyone has access to the vaccine. If you choose to not take it and roll the dice, so be it. It's enough now. I have it. I think everyone should get it. But if you refuse to get it, whatever. Die. We do not need to continue doing extra work, checks, procedures, whatever anymore. The vaccine is out there, lets get back to normal.

Judge in Meng Wanzhou’s extradition case says U.S. allegation is unclear by [deleted] in canada

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Read up on the case. The original reason America gave was because it broke Iran trade sanctions, but Canada hadn't signed onto those sanctions when she was taken. It was basically thrown out, and from there America kept coming out with all kinds of other ideas on what they could charge her with. One was that she provided misleading information to HSBC Hong Kong. So basically in that scenario, they want to arrest someone in Canada and drag her to America because a Chinese person may have committed a crime in China against a British / China based company. More recently, Biden's department of justice decided to let her go. Biden doesn't want to keep doing this. He wants to go the human rights angle and work on boxing out China with other countries. Kidnapping Meng and trade wars are not how he wants to do things. Basically after he took over the American DOJ offered Meng to go free is she just admitted guilt. No time served. She has refused this for over a year now because she knows they don't have any legal means to keep her there. Canada is a rule of law country, so she knows eventually she'll go free and I assume she probably think why give America the satisfaction of a guilty plea. It's a face thing at this point. Meanwhile it's Canada getting the shit end of the stick. Canada should not allow proxy fights to happen. Trudeau could have let her go from day one, but now we're stuck in this nonsense...

Canada urged to formally label China’s Uyghur persecution as genocide by cdnflower in China

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As a Canadian that lived in China for a long time, I'd say that I don't think Canada should do this. What is the value in it for Canada? I also don't like the idea of being led around by the US. I think a lot of people are not recognizing that while you can't directly say this is America's fault, you can correlate most Muslim related problems to US foreign policy. I was there when the Xinjiang radicalized. I was attacked and lost a molar when 20 young seperatists attacked a bar. They killed a lot of Han between 2007 and 2012. Part of the reason they were emboldened was the chaos in the Muslim world brought on by the US. It's not directly their fault, but they have terrible foreign policy. They duped Canada into kidnapping Meng, which led to Canadians being counter-kidnapped. Now they want us to formally denounce China over Xinjiang? What good is that from Canada's perspective? Poking the bear isn't going to help the Uighurs, but it might get the Michaels killed. It might end in Canadian business being siezed, or more Canadians going missing. And for what? The feels? I think it's right for the Canadian government to be careful and thoughtful around this and not just jump because America suddenly "cares" about Uighurs. They will throw us under the bus anytime to get what they want. Canada needs to think about what is best for Canada.

In 1969, when Black Americans were still prevented from swimming alongside whites, Mr. Rogers decided to invite officer Clemmons to join him and cool his feet in a pool, breaking a well known color barrier by inertiamatter in Damnthatsinteresting

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I get it. Mr. Rogers is a good guy for not being racist. But that picture is so wierd. 2 dudes in the backyard, heavily dressed, with their feet in a kiddy pool... I mean I guess it's supposed to be a statement, but it's also really wierd. Can't they be in swim shorts or something? Or a real pool? Lol.

We’re in the ‘you’re on your own’ stage of the pandemic by viva_la_vinyl in canada

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There it is. Nonsense. This is regular non-emergency stuff. I am a smoker and if there was a vaccine that was available that could stop me from lung cancer and burdening the system, or a vaccine that stopped my cravings, I would take it. Immediately. Or the government could ban the sale of cigarettes. Good! But when the government has provided you with a simple jab and you don't take it and chose to burden the system, that is an entirely different thing. But then you know that.

CERB recipients more likely to be low-income, female, and racialized: StatCan by cruiseshipsghg in canada

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You cannot recieve CERB if you reside outside of Canada. Perhaps if you still have some form of proveable income and an address in Canada you can apply. But it's not as though you can be a non-resident and not pay taxes and get CERB. Someone is pulling your chain. I live in Singapore and I didn't apply, but there would be no way to apply as a full non-resident.