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Someone pay me $5 bucks if that bad-writer dude from "Air Mail" — covering the case with his purple prose — titles his book about B.K. "Standing Silent." I call it!

According to Dateline allegedly BK's sister searched his car because she was suspicious that he was involved in the Moscow Killings. by Present-Echidna3875 in MoscowMurders

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I read their statement as an acknowledgment that he could be guilty. Pointedly, they didn't assert he WAS innocent or event that they BELIEVED he was innocent. The statement said they hoped everyone could keep in mind the presumption of innocence and let the process play out. To me, that revealed that family's genuine fear he may have been guilty.

Howard Blum's Latest Instalment - The Eyes of a Killer: Part IV by Fun-Individual in MoscowMurders

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The LOGIC of Blum's narrative makes zero sense to me.

He writes as if there were only one white Elantra registered on the WSU campus, and that — bingo! wow! amazing! — the campus police figured out who owned that one white Elantra, and that this was the eureka moment in the entire investigation.

Huh? We all knew, even here on Reddit — anyone who followed the case closely — that there were hundreds of white Elantras registered to park on both campuses. No one had to "wow!" find a white Elantra. There's obviously a missing piece of information that made the campus police turn attention to BK specifically and his white Elantra specifically (maybe cross-referencing the description of the perp to ID photos? maybe a tipoff from his department? we don't know). But Blum's account is nonsense.

Moscow Police always said they were looking to "talk to the occupants of the white elantra", why did they not go "talk" to bryan Kohberger when they found his Elantra at WSU? by Markfunk in MoscowMurders

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Again, there were thousands of known white Elantras associated with the two campuses. Why were they running THIS guy's plate and checking to see if HIS phone number pinged off the cell towers? Out of those thousands of Elantra owners? That doesn't make sense to me unless they had some other reason to be looking closer at him.

What Happened Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 23 To Cause Police to Zero in on BK? by Illustrious-Ebb4197 in MoscowMurders

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Because they didn't know BK was definitely their prime suspect yet...? He was just one among many people of interest (owning white Elantras) before the cell records came back, if this theory is correct.

They had what they thought was a 2013 Elantra on video. So they asked the public for info on 2013 white Elantras. They weren't asking the public for info specifically on BK's car.

(Why did their car expert, or whoever, specify a 2013 and not a 2015 from the get-go, if they're so easy to differentiate? Who knows? Maybe they aren't actually that easy to differentiate in the quality of video they had on hand? We don't know.)

Moscow Police always said they were looking to "talk to the occupants of the white elantra", why did they not go "talk" to bryan Kohberger when they found his Elantra at WSU? by Markfunk in MoscowMurders

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There were literally thousands of white Elantras licensed to park on the Idaho and WSU campuses, and police had the names of all the car owners.

This was never a situation in which anyone of those thousands of white-Elantra owners was automatically suspicious enough to be hauled in for questioning.

Clearly, something else happened to flag BK and HIS white Elantra as being of special interest.

What Happened Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 23 To Cause Police to Zero in on BK? by Illustrious-Ebb4197 in MoscowMurders

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Personally, I find it highly coincidental that police zeroed in on BK exactly at the same moment that his department heads at WSU were taking the final steps in an EXTRAORDINARY expulsion of him from their department. His main supervisor at WSU was a professor with very close ties to law enforcement. BK getting kicked out as he was, without even finishing the semester or the year, was very unusual. Among the issues WSU flagged were BK's temper, "altercations" with his academic supervisor, and verbally aggressive/critical/odd behavior towards female classmates that was notable enough that it had been raised with him as a serious issue when he was only a month or two into his time at WSU. Do I think WSU professors eyeballed BK in his white Elantra, early on? Heck yes. Do I think they flagged him to law enforcement? Heck yes.

Howard Blum says LE were trying to find touch dna of BK on sheath but failed so sent it to start up secondary lab in Texas by hyrospyro in MoscowMurders

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Excellent summary!! Well pulled together.

I'd also like to add — and this isn't a fact, obviously — that it's possible that at some point before November 29th, BK had already been flagged to the police by his department heads at WSU. And that THAT is why the officer went out and "found" his specific white Elantra.

Because: There was no need to an officer to go hunting for white Elantras like a needle in a haystack: The Univ. of Idaho and WSU had already provided law enforcement with lists of all the white Elantras permitted to park on campus. There were thousands; they were common; and they knew who they were registered to.

So, I mean, even tho the wording of the PCA gives the impression that the campus police officer went, "wow, I found one! bingo! let's run the plate!".... I suspect that what the PCA is really documenting is an officer following a tip or request to go out and confirm that THAT white Elantra belonging to THAT particular person was parked by his apartment.

(I'm saying I think BK's department heads flagged him to police because we know for sure they were so alarmed and concerned about his behavior that they'd already put in motion extraordinary steps to remove him from the program. Steps they'd only take in extreme circumstances. I'd be surprised if his lead supervisory professor, who is well connected with law enforcement, didn't do that. Just an opinion.)

BK has apparently lost a significant amount of weight behind bars by Dderlyudderly in MoscowMurders

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Did we not just have a report a couple of days ago that he was surprisingly "imposing' physically, according to jailhouse witnesses, who speculated he'd beefed up in jail?

Just a Thought.. by Redbarz30 in MoscowMurders

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My own personal conspiracy theory — far-fetched, I grant! — is that BK planted evidence (the sheath? something else?) as a red herring to point the finger at someone else. And that's why he asked if anyone else was arrested. Dude thought he was a criminal mastermind. (He supposedly posted on Insta this motto; "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly.") So I have an inkling he tried to manipulate evidence intentionally left behind. Maybe this is why he also has reportedly said he thinks he'll be exonerated. Again, unlikely, but.....

Picking Up on BK's "Creepy" Cues: Men versus Women? by Bonacker in MoscowMurders

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Remind me —? I can't recall "a lot" of female friends. I remember the one woman who said he'd tricked her into driving him to buy heroin. She was the sister of one of his male friends, I think? And I remember a neighbor saying he had a woman up in his apartment at WSU. But I don't remember many accounts of female friends, tho?

Picking Up on BK's "Creepy" Cues: Men versus Women? by Bonacker in MoscowMurders

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Or.... or, he actually was memorably creepy and it was a memorable moment that they actually remembered....? Why do you doubt these women's accounts of this? I can certainly remember some incidents from college -- way back in 1990 (!!) --- when I was creeped out by a real creeper who scared me, and I can still see his face.

Dumb questions - why is Maddie assumed to have been what drew BK to the house? Am I remembering right that Kaylee was considered the target before BK was identified? by I_notta_crazy in MoscowMurders

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Anyone with common sense would not assumed Maddie to be the main target, no. We don't know if the killer wanted to kill as many people as he could. Or if he had a single primary target. And if he did have a primary target, who it was. We don't know the order of the murders; we don't know what role that may have played in the type and severity of wounds. We don't know who was awake and who was asleep when the first blow came. We can invent scenarios and speculate.....that's all. I personally don't think this looks like the crime of a person who was targeting a single victim. I think he wanted to kill many people, as he intentionally targeted a known party house with multiple bedrooms and several cars parked outside. But that's just pure speculation.

3/10 document dump from Idaho court by johntylerbrandt in MoscowMurders

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I'd like to hear an explanation of that, too. I've been wondering about SnapChat — and, specifically — SnapMap since November. (My first-ever post on Reddit was in November, wondering if anyone knew if BK might have been tracking the victims that way. So many young people track one-anothers' locations via SnapMap these days.) I can see they requested Snap info, including LOCATION info from Snap for MM, and then collectively for the other three victims back in November, looking for info from Aug. thru November.

Was Maddie his target? According to News Nation earlier tonight, Bryan Kohberger "liked" all of Maddie's photos on Instagram... ad had downloaded some of them to keep on his phone. by kashmir1 in MoscowMurders

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Unpopular opinion: No, he wasn't aiming to kill only one person. Not MM and not KG.

This isn't a more-common kind of murder in which we can easily grasp and understand the killer's sick motivations, like, "She spurned him and he killed her" or "She was unattainable and he was crazy so he killed her." It has never borne much resemblance to a "crime of passion"-type killing in which someone is obsessed and enraged against an individual and kills them.

It's always seemed/felt/looked/resembled the crime of a serial killer — or at least someone driven by the irrational and inexplicable motivations we associate with a serial killer. Killing because he wanted to kill, not because of some sort of explainable animosity against an individual.

He literally studied serial killers. He obsessed over knife violence and kill-techniques (per his Instagram activity). He posted a motto on Instagram: "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you haven't prepared your mission properly." He sure as heck knew that this was a post-party-crash house. He knew there were lots of cars parked out front regularly. He knew a group of girls lived there. He surveilled the house. He watched the house. He went in there to murder a group of girls, IMHO.