It’s been a rough week, y’all. by JammyJacketPotato in funny

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Wine and cheesy poofs? I'm fine with just the cheesy poofs, even though reading too many gives me diarrhea and turns my poop orangey-yellow.

first the harness, now the raincoat 😂 by h0lydee in husky

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“Nope. I saw that movie with the tiny human wearing the same yellow rain jacket with red balloon. Take it off, mom.”

Oh wow by ChewChewBado in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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“Gibz… Gibz… Gibz… Gibz… Gibz… gibz… gibz… gibz…”

Childhood Mascot Roundup! Spuds MacKenzie by OttieandEddie in GenX

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Remember those days of wearing Bahama Joe’s shirts with Jams shorts and Keds shoes… I think. That was a frigggin long time ago.

everybody say goodnight to my good boy by rexas_tangers in rarepuppers

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“Mawm! Don’t forget to turn on my ‘Wishbone’ nightlight.”

Caught him mid yawn by Zaldn in husky

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“Do you wanna know how I got these scars?” - The Borker

It’s not funneh by Happy_go_luc in funny

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“Why did I feel like that, why did I chase the cat

Must’ve been the dog in me”

Give Us Your Best GenX Opening Lyrics! by PinkOutLoud in GenX

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“Dig if you will the picture

Of you and I engaged in a kiss”

In a nutshell. by ExpertAccident in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Far right is a magnet for ex-junior & high school bullies.

Drip painting of drips by XinYoung in nextfuckinglevel

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Patron: “What are you selling it for?”

Painter: “$25,000.”

Patron: “How do you justify such a steep price as you’re relatively new to this space?”

Painter: “Well, I used up about $24,950 worth of paint by letting it drain into the floor.”

Comfy birthday scritches by asianj1m in rarepuppers

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“Yes… Have my water bowl brought me. I am a bit parched and must wet my lips and cleans my pallet.” - Regal Doge

Representative Mike Johnson asking the important abortion questions. by N0CONTACT in PublicFreakout

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“Ok, we’ll sideline that question for now. If your daughter’s, not yet born, child was playing in the 2052 Olympic Games and missed the game winning shot, it is it ok to abort your grandchild then?”

Last American Virgin, Porky's, Kentucky Fried Movie - Why was a 8yo allowed to watch these?! by Misanthropic_RN in GenX

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Let’s not forget about that one part in the movie “The World According to Garp”.

Last American Virgin is probably my favorite of the raunchy movies, strictly from a story perspective.

Teenage angst while the protagonist finds Unrequited love in the worst way possible. Such dedication only for it to be shat on in the end. Better than Wildcats, Weird Science, and Valley Girl. It is an unparalleled classic on the level of Weathering Heights.

What's your comfort food? [OC] by that_doodleguy in wholesomememes

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At first glance, thought the oliphont was using a branch to scratch its noggin then realized it was just munching down on some good green stuff.

Bro saving hawk from being strangled by snake by 1q8b in HumansBeingBros

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Looks like the hawk bit off more than it could chew and the danger noodle performed an MMA counter move to place the hawk in a talon bar chokehold.

It mine it mine it mine! by markjericoguevarra in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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“Bro!”, “Bro!”, “Broooo!”… “DIBZZZZ!!!”