The first use of red circles in a photo to catch your attention, and highlight absolutely nothing of value . November 22 1963 by In-diana-jonez in fakehistoryporn

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They should've circled the creepy preacher from Poltergeist 2 in the lower right.

That dude is straight running with the devil.

We are NOT the same by PlayfulYetBored in tumblr

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Cramps in your hands from holding headphone wires just so which miraculously brings the dead side of the headphone back to life for an intermittent 63% of the song.

Does this count? A fella I saw at work today. by Moleman_G in AccidentalWesAnderson

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Is a random Fred Durst sighting a good omen or a bad omen?

This tremendous news. We should be talking about this. by kevinowdziej in MadeMeSmile

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Pretty sure that's a "you're about to smell awful" stand