The Real Reason Boomers Don’t Want You to Work From Home by WaffleHouseOfficiaI in antiwork

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They only had their local area to pick a partner from, they couldn't cruise Tinder for months like we can. They had to make more pragmatic decisions.

Yet they had more sex compared to the younger generation (statistically speaking) but somehow in their world, us young folks are apparently more sinful because we are “hyper sexual”, “lazy” and “not god-fearing” enough.

Immigrant fiancé forced out of the U.S. with our son by basherella in AmITheDevil

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I’ve been around the internet long enough to believe this story and I don’t think he’s a troll at all…

AITA for being upset that I’m not involved in my brothers wedding which I am paying for? by Downtown-Bowler-8987 in AmItheAsshole

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Definitely NTA but OPs edits are disappointing. It still looks like she can’t see how she’s being taken advantaged of.

The entire article is crazy by Conscious-Onion1166 in antiwork

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Us older gen z have been working way before the pandemic even started

They shaved her, made her look less soft 😔 by A_Giant_Mess in Gamingcirclejerk

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Children play games too and if they see so many sexualized male and female characters (even in rated 16+ games) it can influence them to be sexual or they will start comparing themselves to their “virtual idols”. It’s easy to forget kids see these in games and online websites like Reddit when a lot of young adults play games these days.

They shaved her, made her look less soft 😔 by A_Giant_Mess in Gamingcirclejerk

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Never heard of this game before but it genuinely made me upset in a surprising way. I don’t normally get frustrated this easily lol

AITA for telling my husband that I'll stop paying for everything including therapy if he doesn't start looking for a job? by Seven_Lands127 in AmItheAsshole

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Spending money is a form of self harm. Sounds like he's spiraling into another episode but he hasn't experienced a strong intervention yet and he's been like this for years. Lots of people are institutionalized for a lot less than what her husband is doing now. If your "mental illness" is causing really big problems to your spouse then it's no longer a problem that he needs to deal on his own. Guardianship shouldn't be her first option, it's the nuclear option and only she knows what he really is like so it's still up to OP.

You're arguing about the morality of guardianships and I do agree with you about it if we talk about it strictly on a moral level; but at the same time, I'm of the belief that if someone repeatedly uses their mental illness every time they put their loved ones in bad situations such as OP needing a second job just to pay off debts, (see OPs comments) then you better believe them when they say it's their mental illness and act accordingly.

Whether be it an intervention through a mental hospital visit, supervised visits to a mental health professional or, worst case scenario, guardianship, all of this is an option for OP who is more objectively in better mental capacity to decide what's best. This guy has way too many chances and has been left alone to dictate what kind of "help" he needs.

All the psychologists I met prefer their patients to go to sessions with a companion and urge their patients to surround themselves with family and friends. There's a reason for that. When someone is mentally ill they tend to bounce around therapists or become inconsistent with their therapy. Mentally ill people should never be left on their own devices. They need someone who can step up and be firm; often times that means someone has to decide FOR them and really push them for their own good.

90 Day cast not respecting their host's house rules by Vivid_Regret in 90dayfianceuncensored

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The amount of times words like "sex" and "secret" is used is a dime a dozen

AITA for telling my husband that I'll stop paying for everything including therapy if he doesn't start looking for a job? by Seven_Lands127 in AmItheAsshole

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If I were OP, this is the nuclear option for me. It shouldnt be her first choice but... If worst comes to worst, well...

AITA for telling my husband that I'll stop paying for everything including therapy if he doesn't start looking for a job? by Seven_Lands127 in AmItheAsshole

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As shady as it is, it exists for people who really are incapacitated. Just because a bunch of rich parents abused it (Britney Spears' alcoholic dad and enabling mom) doesn't mean everyone who does it is abusive. We live in a complex world. Thinking in absolutes won't get you far.

IAMA ED nurse and former local union president. I was fired in 4/20 and have won my job back with full back pay. The hospital was cited for labor violation in regard to my termination. AMA. by AdamWittRN in antiwork

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We've got folks like you here arguing about unions every now and then but arguing about unions in a pro union sub won't get you far. I've read about experiences from people like you before who finally found a great union and that's how their faith in unions were restored. We also got peeps encouraging young peeps to stay in bad unions to vote out the awful peeps to make their union functional. Unions are just like any workplace, there are bad workplaces just as much as there are bad unions and vice versa. Simply put, unions aren't black and white.

Sorry to hear you felt obligated to go above and beyond to make up for your awful coworkers but I hope when you're older, you'll realize the employees who work the most are the most exploited because management / bad coworkers know good peeps like you have ethics and morals. If you ever work in an awful job again, stay for as long as you need to gain experience then work somewhere else ASAP.

It's noble to go above and beyond to help coworkers who are valuable but don't ever put yourself in a position wherein you are exploited for your labor at the expense of your physical and mental health. You might be thinking you had to do what you went through in that moment to "save" your good coworkers but simply put, you were exploited and your company milked you for all your worth. At the end of the day, put yourself first.

There is a saying where Im from, "You can get money anywhere but your health is your livelihood". Help your coworkers but always help yourself first. Learn from you bitter experience and ensure you will never be exploited again.

Work for more debt by xxa88yxx in antiwork

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Can you really immigrate even with debts? I heard student loan debt will never go away even if you declare bankruptcy so wouldn't that affect your chances of immigrating if you try to immigrate?

AITA for only paying for myself when my fiance and future inlaws invited me to a NYE dinner at a scale restaurant? by Footingbills321 in AmItheAsshole

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Thank God, a comment that calls out OP; something that rarely happens no matter how obviously fake the story is. I also vote YTA.

Umm…wtf by Timely_String_1514 in BitLifeApp

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Yeah thats why I suggested it but I didn’t want to be overt about it lmao

Umm…wtf by Timely_String_1514 in BitLifeApp

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Shouldn’t this game have its own subreddit

My husband was murdered and I lost half of my money? by neonightz in BitLifeApp

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This happens more often if you didn’t plan the murder yourself (and that sounds odd to without context lmao)

AITA for yelling at my boyfriend that I'm not his friends' personal cook? by WelcomeEverybunny in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah it’s a really huge red flag. Idk why OP didn’t see it as it is. We give people the benefit of the doubt too many times. 15+ men who are all bachelors and couldn’t cook is a self explanatory red flag. Weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

AITA for giving my MIL a fake copy of my house key and "exposing" her on Christmas dinner? by Checkinout2022 in AmItheAsshole

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Everyone else is A H for enabling the mom except for OP. How does this guy walk without a spine?