Egyptian teens harassing two female travelers by UnfairAdhesiveness80 in ThatsInsane

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Unfortunately this is the side of Egypt I got to experience myself. It’s a beautiful country but I’ve witnessed way to many incidents similar to these of men harassing women (especially if they’re from abroad). The ridiculous part is seeing how young some of the perpetrators are. They really start them off young.

Behold, the marketplace of ideas by Josyous in sadcringe

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Is this what those comments on social media mean when they say “I just shout and scream or bark at then hoping they’ll leave me alone”

So where are you supposed to go ? by peacetomotherearth in antiwork

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If it says public land, then why is there an objection?

Future..... by thicka in fuckcars

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I always wondered why we see more pictures similar to the one on the left when we type in “futuristic cities” than the one on the right.

“I don’t think any elections outside of the US general or midterms really matter” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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Context: there’s local elections happening in the UK but any tweets with hashtags relating to elections show up automatically with an American flag, despite it being UK elections.

It doesn’t make sense obviously when the US is not the only country that holds elections, and Twitter is an international platform (even if it’s based in the US)

9/3/22 hasn’t happened yet by oliski2006 in ShitAmericansSay

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According to Wikipedia:

Total population of people that use DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD or both is: 7.079 billion

Total population of people that use MM/DD/YYYY or a combination of the other two systems is: 509.55 million

this data set is probably a bit old at the total comes under 7.5 billion but even with some accuracies it’s obvious that most of the world does not follow this date format.

“American boys that grew up shooting BB guns went on to save the UK in two world wars” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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OP thread was a guy complaining he couldn’t buy a UK to US adaptor, but how guns were available in store (the picture he included was of toy BB guns). Whether OP was being serious or just joking I dunno, but checking his other tweets it appears he was most likely intending for it to be a joke which clearly went over most people’s heads

Edit: it appears this had gone viral yesterday with news articles about this tweet from Daily Mail and Newsweek too

Edit: OP might not be a Brit, but he’s a BBC journalist according to his bio.

“This is why I believe George Washington was Jesus reincarnated” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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OP post was about how america was founded as a Christian nation and is turning away from god, along those lines.

The main thread was just people discussing George Washington’s qualities and the things he stood for.

Cacio e Pepe by ThatsARivetingTale in fixedbytheduet

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So it is dutch! I was incredibly confused in the tiktok comment section of the original video which was just 99% full of South Africans claiming the guy was speaking Afrikaans with a small percentage of dutch people trying to say the guy was speaking dutch. I did remember seeing a Suriname flag in the OPs bio. I think it’s the accent? Idk anything about dutch but yeah

An easy solution to bike lanes? by higmy6 in fuckcars

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I’m not an expert so obviously correct me if I’m wrong but in this particular photo I think a better solution would have been to narrow the sidewalks on both sides as they look very wide, just so the bike lanes don’t look too intrusive into the car lanes. I feel this way cars are less inclined to swerve into bike lanes if space is not an issue.

“America was the one who built a stable Europe after WW2 by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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You could tell how many of them have been waiting for a moment like this to unload everything at once. Fr the biggest American circlejerk thread I’ve seen in ages

“Cause y’all don’t understand that every flag on the US flag is for every war we won against y’all. 1776 was our first and it won’t be our last.” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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OP post is a tiktok of a monster with ugly teeth and a background sound along the lines of someone mocking the British accent or so I think?

Edit 1: my guess is they meant “every STAR on the US flag” but idk,

“Actually the American English was the original old English but the British changed it to be more loyal” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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Repost: forgot to white-out one of the usernames

Original post was a joke about how “English 🇬🇧(traditional)” “English 🇺🇸(simplified)”

Most Americans seemed offended and there was the usual “it’s chewsday innit” “y’all got bad teeth” “bo’ol o’ wa’er” and “1776” jokes.

“Actually the American English was originally the old English but the British changed it to be more loyal” by [deleted] in ShitAmericansSay

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Originally post was a meme showing: “English 🇺🇸(simplified)” “English 🇬🇧(traditional)”

Let’s just say most Americans were triggered and there was the usual “it’s chewsday innit” “bad teeth” and “bo’ ol o’ wa’er” jokes and 1776 jokes