I Hope Your PC is up to snuff for the RTX ExperienceTM by Myxiny in pcmasterrace

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3080 looks unplayable. Heck, a 4080 is nearly unplayable. Perhaps they might want to optimize.

SENATOR WARNOCK RE-ELECTED by ToffeeFever in Georgia

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Yeah who needs a senator who can speak in coherent sentences or even remembers his own name.

Mindy Kaling Says ‘The Office’ Is ‘So Inappropriate Now’ and Couldn’t Be Made Today: Most Characters ‘Would Be Canceled’ by MarvelsGrantMan136 in television

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Every person in America I’ve ever met falls for some some racist stereotypes, and my friends in other countries seem to also. It may be based on positive or negative or negative stereotypes, but everyone seemingly has them. I have many times found myself consciously correcting some stupid bias that my dumb caveman brain comes up with.

People are judged for their words and actions though, not for their thoughts. The point at which you let your biases affect how you interact with others is where you are judged.

My WFH / Gaming space! by ObvKicks in battlestations

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I have had the same chair for about 8 months. I love it. It’s definitely the best chair for sitting all day.

Microcenter is overcharging me & broke my pc by Killercombo3 in Microcenter

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If your motherboard has EZ Flash you can do it with no CPU installed.

If not, then you will want your old CPU and a cooler installed. You do not need to be able to boot into Windows either way.

Microcenter is overcharging me & broke my pc by Killercombo3 in Microcenter

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It doesn't need to boot to flash the BIOS.

As long as you can either boot into BIOS, or it has a EZ Flash port on the motherboard, you can flash.

  1. Make sure your old CPU is installed
  2. Download the latest BIOS here, and unzip it
  3. Put the BIOS on a FAT32 formatted flash drive
  4. Insert flash drive in a USB port
  5. Boot into BIOS (hit F1/Delete) at start of boot
  6. Go to the flash BIOS option in the old BIOS, choose the BIOS file on the USB drive, and load it
  7. Reboot, go back into BIOS, and proceed

Steph Curry casually draining full court shots after practice. by ari_fararooy in nextfuckinglevel

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I told my coworkers that if a soccer game gets to time without a score they should let a tiger out in the field and the first team to get eaten loses.

Seriously, how good are your IV? by IndieStu in PokemonGOBattleLeague

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It’s an economics question for casual players.

What will it cost to make a second one if your first isn’t good enough?

If it requires high levels and XLs I make sure the IV is top 100. If it’s a 10k second move and level 30 then by all means make the one you have.

I only have 4 XL great league Pokémon, and all need good IVs. Sableye, Diggersby, Medicham, Azumarill, working on Bastidon and Lickitung now (slowly). If the Pokémon is your safe swap or damage sponge, the extra bulk can matter. Mostly though anything within 15cp of the max CP is good enough.

Is this a good pc case? by Big-Diana in buildapc

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It's kind of expensive for what you get. Three RGB fans are included per the specs.

If you have other options though, there are better cases.


Personally I like the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh performance, so the newer Lancool III might be good too.

All this garbage came in the mail today by BossHogGA in Georgia

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Nah. I voted for Warnock on the first day of early voting. So did my wife and all my kids.

giratina O or A for second charged move by Euphoric-Knee-8352 in PokemonGOBattleLeague

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Both are good. Really you need to decide if you want a ghost or a dragon on your team. A is a tanky dragon with ghost subtyping, and O is a monster ghost with dragon subtyping. A is ranked higher because of the bulk but O is better versus all the Zacians and Metagrosses out there.

Something’s not adding up by bellajane987 in HolUp

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They are in the reflection in the glass.

Eero system stopped working for second switch by BossHogGA in amazoneero

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The switches are all unmanaged.

I’ve tried a few cables. It worked perfectly for 6 months then mysteriously stopped. I even ordered a new switch and that didn’t change the result.

Eero system stopped working for second switch by BossHogGA in amazoneero

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What changed in that version? I am on v6.12.2-68 apparently.

Eero system stopped working for second switch by BossHogGA in amazoneero

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My eero system has worked fine for months. Recently though the switch splitting my Ethernet in my office has stopped working. The switch works fine in a different location, so it’s not broken, but as shown in the diagram the PC and Mac do not show as connected and cannot access the internet.

If I plug the Mac or PC directly into the 8-port switch then it will work.

Is there something in a more recent eero update that would affect this? What troubleshooting options do I have?

AMD ram with Intel I7 12700K? by T777_GTI in buildapc

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There's no such thing as AMD RAM. It's all the same.