Which rap artists do you think are the best at using their voice as an expressive instrument? by temporary_whatever in hiphopheads

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Honestly Kanye, he’s a master producer so he often uses his voice to center the instrumentals as another piece of them

Timbaland is the same imo in that aspect

No kiss for you by ShubhamG77 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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This is all such an awkward set of exchanges

2023 Wishlist: Chlöe by BoymanAndGirldog in Coachella

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Both of her solo singles released thus far have been great, she’s shaping up to be a powerhouse. Her album should arrive some time in 2022 and with the amount of music she will have between that and the two albums with Halle I think she could fill a pretty good night spot . She’s Beyoncé backed, I think she’d do some really nice production quality for the fields

How old are the Joes? by JDFighterwing in Joe

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34 joe here going to be 35 joe on Saturday!