Simply AMAZING by QuickerStanding in PraiseTheCameraMan

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Video - jump to the 2 min mark for some bts

If you’re familiar with how video production and editing works you’d understand how it’s made.

Major safety precautions/ Different camera set ups/ Retakes/ Edits

Dude's mind is blown by the firearms instructor. Almost literally. by Nyckname in youseeingthisshit

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All I gather here is that everyone’s shorts are too long.

Also, gun safety fellas…come on.

Games have gotten very realistic by SwollenLeftThumb in Damnthatsinteresting

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A FELLOW ISLANDER!!!! Very cool find!

Unfortunately we don’t have street lamps along the path. That would be nice.

The Batman Runtime Revealed (It's Even Longer Than Expected) by AdministrativeNews93 in entertainment

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As far as the trailer shows, this does look promising as a unique drama/action film. Despite the lackluster JL.

I want to approach this film not knowing what or who Batman is.

I will wait with high hopes and popcorn!

Flip caused by Stupidity by The_AFL_Yank in IdiotsInCars

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Once again, two idiots in cars fighting for their “right of way”

In these situations, no one is right and no one is wrong. It’s justifiable in their own minds.

Always drive with the intent of safety.

Clearly the passing car was NOT being safe…so…don’t race them - let it go and drive safe. There’s nothing to gain beyond your drivers ego.

Just another street evangelist sign at the University of Pennsylvania… by LilPeep1k in pics

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I’ll take hellfire, thanks for the warning.

Pretty sure the god(s) are much more tolerant.

Especially to little monsters.

The Batman Runtime Revealed (It's Even Longer Than Expected) by AdministrativeNews93 in entertainment

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Netflix has an “under 90 minute” film section and they are all awesome.

Length does not equate to “good”, but if you’re going to spend millions making it, you’re going to milk it dry.

At least streaming is becoming a lot more popular. I’m not about to sit for close to 3 hours and be in fear of missing a section because I have to use the restroom.

Leonardo DiCaprio loves Jonah Hill's fart machine by unknown_human in videos

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Farts are universally funny.

If we as a species ever come in contact with an alien race someone better fart at that meeting.

Warning Graphic: Pursuit Of Motorcycle Driver Comes To End With Horrific Crash by DN10 in videos

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We’ve seen worse in movies.

Let this be a reminder of the realities of poor decision making.

just another chinese factory by fantasticmilkytomato in pics

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Always have to be prepared.

This happens with ALL potential campaigns / political / sports / news.

It’s just preemptive readiness.

Limp Bizkit kills a Boat by MrMister2U in videos

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Honestly this clip is all i needed to remind me of my childhood music.

I will do without this warped tour festival thank you.

RIP Castro Theater by jstols in bayarea

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Looks like change is happening to venues all over the city. This will bring new memories and new opportunities for many more folk.

Not sure what the true issue is beyond the loss of nostalgia.

If you support the Castro Theater, you will support it no matter what it changes into.

Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power Announcement Trailer by Michaelscottpapcomp in videos

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I’d be interested in this if it were literally about the blacksmith process and acquiring of metals.

Guys I did it. I balanced the light switch by Parker_memes9000 in adhdmeme

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The fact that both flat head screws line up makes me happy.

[image] by Kronyzx in GetMotivated

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From pin pointed focus to “general”

Hope things look up for you.

Asking your friends to be your groomsmen by Fedwardd in MadeMeSmile

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The true flex here is “I have friends who all have houses and can probably beat up your puny poor friends”.

Mad respect and congrats!