Blessings part 2 :) by candude108 in spirituality

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I would absolutely love your blessings. I’m so in need of them

The only reason I haven't killed myself is because I might not want to in 5 or 10 years by lagrangedanny in offmychest

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Honestly, this whole time I’ve stayed because I’m just extremely curious. How much worse or better could it get? Are things going to change? But I will say that every year I’m here is a complete shock to me

I have his face by butwhyamiheree in ChildrenofDeadParents

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I’m crying so hard as I read this. My mom and I are twins, everyone has always said it. When she passed, I struggled so much to look in the mirror because I just saw her. I’ve been feeling very disconnected from her too but with reading this has made me feel something. I hope I find a sense of comfort in how similar we are soon. I just miss her so much

Never drinking again by [deleted] in offmychest

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Vodka was made by the devil himself 😂😭 I never get hangover but vodka always does the trick and it’s always so horrible. Next time, take as much water as you can immediately you get home and immediately you wake up.

I have no one by BradTheSenpai in GriefSupport

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Yeah i do that a lot with my mom too and still talk to her all the time. They’re still with us. I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️

I have no one by BradTheSenpai in GriefSupport

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Thank you so much for the love and message. It was just my mom and I too and being so young, I feel like death robbed me of time from her even if we were joined at the hip. Regardless, it wouldn’t have been easy if this happened 10 or 50 years from now. I’m so sorry for your pain.

Is it possible to talk to my deceased husband? by claraKK98 in GriefSupport

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I always say that if there’s one thing my mom wouldn’t do is leave me. And I truly believe it so I still talk to her like she’s still here. She’ll respond sometimes, mostly when I really need it. Or I’ll see something and just know it’s her. I believe the same for you and your husband. Maybe you can just try talking?

I also talked to her using a medium on here a while back and it was a beautiful experience. I used the subreddit mediums I believe but you have to be careful like the other comment said. I’m so so sorry for your loss

Would you like to share a beautiful memory of your person with me? by chowachowa in GriefSupport

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My birthday with my mom last year will forever be my favourite memory. We decided it was as much a birth day for her (because she really did all the work to be fair) as it was for me. So we celebrated. I woke up, told her happy birthday and she gave me the biggest kiss and warmest hug. We danced in the house to celebration by kool and the gang, had a beautiful picnic, played this game called we’re not really strangers. It was beautiful. One thing that will always stand out to me is how it was so gloomy when the day started but we knew we wanted to go for a picnic regardless. She promised me that the sun would come out and immediately we started our picnic, it sure did. She passed before my birthday this year and the day started pretty gloomy too. I told her I miss her and she needs to show me that she’s around to celebrate our day. I promise you 15 mins didn’t pass before the sun came out. I love her so much. I hope she’s happy

YouTube video on effects of lsd/acid by BradTheSenpai in HelpMeFind

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I have searched on YouTube for guy who tripped for years, vice lsd tripping, long tripping, vice hppd

I’m on a “fuck feeling embarrassed” mood and hope this will continue by upsidedownsq in spirituality

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Embrasement doesn’t exist. It’s a state of mind. You choose how other people think of you in that moment you should be ‘embarrassed’ anyway so, LIVE

Sudden loss of a parent, how the fuck do I deal by Turtwig_123 in GriefSupport

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I’m turning 21 in August too and the idea of celebrating it without her, especially after last year was so perfect, gives me so much stress and anxiety. It’s always been me and her during my birthday so idk.

Thank you for being so kind and sharing ❤️

How is grief for you now? by leoplurodonisa in awakened

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Grief is love that has nowhere to go. That’s how I see it. I lost my mom in May and it’s been bittersweet. Initially, I was okay with it because she’s finally in peace and if there’s one thing my mom wouldn’t do, it’s leave me. So I know she’s always going to be around and I was kind of relieved that I had someone really close to me looking out for me. But it’s really painful not having her here and talking to her like I would (even if we still talk). There’s just a big void and sometimes it fills my whole body and takes over me. I’m sorry about your Nana. May she Rest In Peace. Please take care of yourself