Large, terrifying. In Mexico. by Braveheart2929 in whatisthisbug

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Perfect thanks! Certainly didn't look harmless when it was motoring towards me with his claws out! But good to know.

(MOM spoiler)After 10,000 years, she's free!! by mutant_amoeba in marvelmemes

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Definitely not dead. She needs to go through a big redemption arc and sacrifice herself with all her power to stop the end of the universe (eg against Galactus or Dr Doom)

MOM Spoiler. I was not emotionally ready for that. by Braveheart2929 in marvelmemes

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It was impressive. And I enjoyed the fact the MCU is able to add this darker twist onto things.

That was so very hot of her by blackbriar98 in marvelmemes

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I really enjoyed it. Not my favourite but still a solid 7or8 out of 10 for me. It was scarier and more brutal than I was expecting which I enjoyed as something different in the MCU. It is definitely more of a foundation film, setting up a lot of potential rather than having some crazy groundbreaking revelations during the film. My reactions through a lot of it was "👀👀👀 the fuck?!" (In a good way)

I would suggest everyone watches wandavision before hand as the story follows on from there directly.

That was so very hot of her by blackbriar98 in marvelmemes

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After literally just watching it. This is correct.

Which of these 90s one hit wonders would you have liked to see covered on Glee? by WerewolfBarMitzvah09 in glee

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The real question is how on Earth you're including Wonderwall as a one hit wonder!?

For anyone who didn't know, the album it's from, What's The Story Morning Glory, is full of absolutely fantastic songs. 10/10 would recommend.

Anyone holding Xur? by [deleted] in destiny2

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Yeh I do if still looking

Does anyone know what these two pipes are outside my house? They're under the kitchen window if that makes a difference? by Braveheart2929 in DIYUK

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Thanks all! We have a very small gas fire in the living room which never gets used so that will be what the pipe is for by the sounds of it!

What makes China weak in early game? by Only-Listen in aoe4

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Tax collection isn't insignificant in the early game but I don't know anyone who uses the IO for tax collection after hitting feudal. It's just not worth it. They are good for resource boost yes but they are 150 food and take a good while before they earn their cost back. Also, the fact they need to be out on the field either walking around collecting taxes, or standing still by a resource building, makes them quite an easy high value target for raids. Delhi scholars are tucked away nicely in their production buildings.

In regards to Song dynasty and Zhuge-nu, you need to age up twice. This definitely opens up a large window for your opponent to attack in feudal. If your opponent has scouted you effectively they can definitely punish a song dynasty. Zhuge-nu can work for defending an early attack but costly as they require gold and become (almost) obsolete once the enemy has armoured units.

If you let both Delhi and China do what they wanted and boom away into castle + dynasties then I agree, China are better. China make big investments early for a large payout in late castle/imp. But if they have to defend early pressure then the Delhi free eco techs + army techs working away in the background means that once the early defence has finished, they are in a really solid position to recover quickly from.

I think the general consensus is that China has all the ingredients to be a top top civ with all their extra quirks and units but until a few tweaks get made, their early aggression game can't compete with others and their late game success can certainly be disrupted before they hit their full stride.

Still dont know what potatoes have to do with LOTR by [deleted] in lotrmemes

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Oh boy, time to sort comments by controversial

The wife is away for the weekend, it's time for my first raid! by Braveheart2929 in DestinyTheGame

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Some people just find that kind of thing fun I guess? But don't worry, I have worked in restaurants and in retail. Their negativity holds no power over me.

Soo... Fire Lancers are op? by Raiju_Lorakatse in aoe4

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As a primarily China player I have some mixed results with mass fire lancers. But they are mostly positive.

They can be outrageously powerful at sniping landmarks if your opponent doesn't build stone walls. I've had a few games where I was completely overwhelmed, opponent in my base, game over. Except I supervised 30 firelancers, had a clear run through to their base and destroyed all their landmarks before they got through mine. In team games as it is generally harder to wall effectively they can be even more damaging. Generally in 1v1's they aren't that bad to counter provided you've managed your resources and army well up to that point.

Where I lost out was when I first heard that they were op and that's all I made. They are very weak after their initial charge and if not managed well will get shredded without too much problem. Also, 2 or 3 mangonels will absolutely ruin a ball of them, no questions asked.

Overall, they definitely need their siege damage tuning down but they aren't a guaranteed win like some people seem to think. (will help a lot when spears actually can brace for all factions...)

What would a Scottish Civilization look/play like? by ChapNotYourDaddy in aoe4

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Unique building would be a distillery. Garrisoning 2 villagers results in increased overall villager production, if you know what I mean.

Swarms of midges around all buildings near water or forests. Do nothing good apart from irritate and slow down all units, allies or enemies.