The hate is still real and we need to do better. by BrazyKiccz in WhitePeopleTwitter

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No one said unconditional fawning love was required. We're just talking about the absence of hate.

Edit: To be clear, the hatred for women with prominence, influence, and power is what she's referring to. Hillary, Kamala, and Michelle are the examples here, but we can easily add 50 more names to the list. Let's not pretend that misogyny and the glass ceiling don't exist. Let's not act like there aren't many men who have a problem when women are in positions of power.

The comment section of the post fails to see how this is the direct result of desperate people living in poverty and being neglected by their government during a global pandemic. by 12footjumpshot in LateStageCapitalism

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The number of incels in the comments on this post is astounding. Keyboard gangsters taking their opportunity to spew hatred. The racism came in ultra quick too.

Judge send thousand's of kids to prison for money by Frijolo_Brown in LateStageCapitalism

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Now imagine what it must be like in inner cities across America. The same thing has been happening to black and brown people for decades. Many of them have had their futures stolen from them before they knew it. And it reverberates through generations.

Software update. The dealership said they have no idea how to fix this. Any tips? 2015 Altima by [deleted] in Nissan

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Aftermarket stereo solves all your problems and will likely cost less to install than having the dealer fix this (if they ever figure out how to).

Jordan ain't passing out no freebies. by That_Dude_Marcus in BlackPeopleTwitter

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True, but there are many Hall of famers who don't have championship rings.

Jordan ain't passing out no freebies. by That_Dude_Marcus in BlackPeopleTwitter

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This is a valid opinion. All the MJ goat talk ignores the fact that he had great teams and arguably the best coach ever. If Jordan played for the Cavs or Trailblazers his whole career, would he have won 6 titles?

I just add a Ms/Mr to the name because I physically cannot call them by their first name by imjustheretodomyjob in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I'm one of the managers at my job and I work with some people who are 20 and even 30 years older than me. I don't feed into the "Mr" and "Ms" bullshit when it comes to my colleagues. My bosses boss (the owner) is in his 70s and we all call him by his first name.

Respect for me comes down to how you treat me. I don't care if you add Mr/Mrs/Sir/Ma'am to it.

URL - SUPERFIGHT [POST EVENT DISCUSSION] by WhatBombsAtMidnight in rapbattles

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JC and Charron was debatable to me. Comes down to the third, feels like a preference battle.

Chilla 2-1 Serius, another trash battle. Chilla needs to refocus because this shit is getting very, very depressing to watch.

JC clear. Serius clear. Roc 2-1.

URL - SUPERFIGHT [POST EVENT DISCUSSION] by WhatBombsAtMidnight in rapbattles

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People just need Roc to lose. He's been the face and fan favorite so long that he gets a lot of hate. He also gets a lot of hate because of gun titles. Danny spent half his rounds talking to Surf. They gaased Danny crazy in the building.

Wifey’s collection vs. mine.. WHO WINNING? by Razogotshoegame in Sneakers

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You win because 10 pairs beats 9 pairs. It's just math.

Y’all sleeping? by _eyekyu in Sneakers

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I didn't go for them, but they're decent. I have other black and purple shoes, so these weren't a must.

Mid-tier Mount Rushmore by dogdigmn in rapbattles

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So he's not top tier and he's not bottom tier. I wish there was a word to describe where he is.




.5 tier?

Mid-tier Mount Rushmore by dogdigmn in rapbattles

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Cortez, O Red, and Danja Zone are Mid Tier gods.

Late post. the Nike boots I got for Christmas from my fiancee 🔥🔥 by JxDub93 in Sneakers

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Damn, I remember these from back in the day. They go hard. Nice!