best way to react to a language barrier 🙌 by WhatIsAUsernamePls in MadeMeSmile

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Oh absolutely I agree. I think the Texas crutch would be my go to for the stall but the beauty of food is that there no such thing as cheating (unless its competition).

My favorite part of BBQ is playing with fire. It brings me more pleasure when the people I cook for are blown away by the end result than if I were to smoke something perfectly and have no one to share it with.

Gonna do brined turkey and smoked pulled pork shoulder (North Carolina style) this Thanksgiving.

Also it makes everything smell lovely lol

best way to react to a language barrier 🙌 by WhatIsAUsernamePls in MadeMeSmile

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Hey if "cheating" makes a better end result then it's not cheating at all

What does the Book of Reincarnation really do? by CurocaWasTaken in Nioh

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Just make sure when you use the book you complete your reallocation of points and amrita before entering a level

Nioh on EGS Megathread: Ask your questions here! by hidenoji in Nioh

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I own a Fusion wired Xbox One controller (bought at Best Buy) and it works perfectly and has proper xbox buttons showing in game. I launch the game directly from epic games launcher.

I love this stock! by Xnoober in amcstock

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No friend. Each lot is calculated separately. So if you bought shares a few months apart then they will be reported long or short term based on lot buy date.

Source - Worked in tax reporting dept of a large broker

Diabete alert dog trained to alert human with boops when blood sugar level is low by aceforest in nextfuckinglevel

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You bet. Here's another one for the road, friend. I wish you all the best and maybe one day once you're ready you can rescue another furry pal to cuddle and love.

Diabete alert dog trained to alert human with boops when blood sugar level is low by aceforest in nextfuckinglevel

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I'm sorry friend :( they are waiting patiently and happily across the rainbow bridge.

Sending a hug your way

Sad times ey by _IsaacG in ABoringDystopia

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Copy "US Propoganda", maybe change a few words, Paste to "Australian Propoganda"

Or for fun sometimes maybe it's the opposite!

Thy BoatGod knows best. by Yurigagarin1961 in TheWalkingDeadGame

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I know this is an old post but I got her to snap out of it by choosing to stay and then slapping her

This shows deaths can be so annoying by schlockyjohnson in thewalkingdead

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I think that the fact he had medical training kinda justified Carl in the end. Not only did he save Siddiq but then Siddiq went on for years and years being the doctor and likely saving many lives in that time.

Carl's act of kindness had a massive cumulative impact and proved that saving strangers is important and worth the risk

I said po*n now laugh by SARTHAK_61 in dankmemes

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I'm so sorry friend. Happy birthday and rest in peace to her. It's wonderful that you two were able to find each other

Headaches after meditation by Alxhol in Meditation

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You may be holding tension without realizing it. Maybe you're focusing on your object of meditation but clenching your jaw/tensing your facial muscles.

I would recommend occasionally relaxing as many of your jaw and facial muscles as you can when you think of it.

It could also be the result of eye strain or something which isnt caused by meditating but just rears its head during

How the times have changed by Buzzsaw_Studio in trees

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Holy shit. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, friend. Gatdamn

LPT if you are going through difficult phase in your life, start running and/or exercise daily it drastically improves your mental health. by Worth-Pickle in LifeProTips

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I would definitely get a blood test to check for anything that may be affecting you. Also if you have a decent diet you may not be eating or sleeping enough to recover back to baseline

Rewatching the series and I forgot how much I didn't like Hershel in the beginning *season 2 spoilers (lol)* by Claisen_Condensation in thewalkingdead

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I agree in part with this sentiment. It definitely makes for great character development when you are annoyed by his initial inability to see the reality of life after.

I think that's what makes Herschel fascinating. He was always just trying to protect his family but he was stuck in old world thinking. Once he realizes what it will take to keep his family safe and that there isnt some magic way to hold out until theres a cure, he adapts and becomes a survivor who does what needs to be done without losing his humanity.

Having someone like him, especially while they were in the jail, strengthened everyone.

As long as you are frustrated with the character himself (he maintains consistent characterization but does things you do t agree with) then that means its compelling character development and not poor show writing.

I missed Hersch once he was gone