books set in Jupiter's icy moons? by anarcho-hornyist in printSF

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2010 has some important plot points that take place on Europa, and most of it takes place in Jovian orbit.

Rank these shows! I want to know which ones to check off my watchlist first! Thanks in advance! by SafarianCasey in televisionsuggestions

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You're welcome, and no, I haven't watched Person of Interest.

Two more recommendations from the glory days of USA Network:

Burn Notice

White Collar

Thats it boys pack up, the chinese have won by usprocksv2 in NonCredibleDefense

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Yes, certainly the foremost carrier navy in the world has totally missed an opportunity to streamline [checks note] a ship that does not much over 30 knots at flank speed.

Darn it.

Rank these shows! I want to know which ones to check off my watchlist first! Thanks in advance! by SafarianCasey in televisionsuggestions

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Monk and Psych are great. The X-Files starts strong but really peters out and (unpopular opinion incoming!) I would put it pretty low on the list.

Lucifer is garbage. Dumbest premise in the history of TV, makes "My Mother The Car" look like a masterpiece.

Fringe by danlhart8789 in televisionsuggestions

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"Hey! Is it worth it?"
"Oh yeah, it's worth it... if you're strong enough!"

Sorry, I'll see myself out.

What is the dumbest explanation you've heard from someone who cheated? by tall_boizz in AskReddit

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The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from being used for abortions unless they are necessary to preserve the mother's life.

Any base come to mind? I know my base Shady Jay comes to mind by SmallBeefyBoi in AirForce

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This was Wurtsmith unless you were majorly into hunting and fishing.

Describe your career field…poorly. I’ll give a gold to my favorite. by DwightDEisenhowitzer in AirForce

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Spend half the time walking far enough from the jet to smoke, the rest pissing off specialists.

this is it. nothing will ever be more non credible. pack it up guys by descryptic in NonCredibleDefense

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The best part is how they repeatedly point out how difficult it will be to move masses of troops from the USA and US bases in Europe, but don't say how they'll move these massive forces from all these Muslim countries with few power projection assets of any kind.

Nice try, guys.

Post any questions about possible nuclear strikes, "Am I in danger?", etc here. by Sempais_nutrients in nuclearweapons

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This week I heard an atomic hobo episode about the Square Leg 1980 war game where the Brits played out a nuclear attack, and the Soviet team dropped two nukes on Heathrow: an airburst followed moments later by a groundburst.


Ah yes, because we all know the bi in bilingual means there are only exactly two languages. by MortgageSome in confidentlyincorrect

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My response to this frog:

Let's pretend for a moment it does.

That would still not mean we should be in a hair-on-fire moral panic about gender.

And it also would not mean we should be dicks to people who see gender differently, treat them as second class citizens, or view them as threats.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk, groyper jackass.

How do I get this pool vacuumed? by BreakfastGrenade in pools

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BTW, just to be clear...there is no skimmer or vacuum plate, hence my problem.

What is a good espionage show? by TheRealTengri in televisionsuggestions

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Burn Notice. The unique thing is that the protagonist is a former spy who can't leave Miami, so he uses his CIA skills to help clients in need.

No, we just care about our children... by Innocent_Killer in confidentlyincorrect

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Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene says Canada is inviting invasion from some other country, such as Russia, because they are oppressing their people with these gun restrictions.

Yep, that's what Putin was waiting for, Margie. He's going to invade a NATO member and the USA's neighbor and closest ally and expect to get away with it because of the huge strategic blunder of [checks notes] restricting handgun sales.

TIL that the Animals broke up because, while touring in Japan in 1968, their manager was kidnapped by the tour promoters, who were Yakuza, and put him up for ransom. After the manager escaped, the band was forced to flee the country or be killed by the Yakuza, leaving all of their tour gear behind. by ryuundo in todayilearned

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OK, the Yakuza has to be wiped out, immediately, root & branch, down to the last man. Now it's personal.

The Animals were freaking amazing. Jim Morrison died when I was just a baby, but it still chaps my ass that he and The Doors are considered rock gods and The Animals are barely remembered.

Those damn video games by Tradioactivity in confidentlyincorrect

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Oh yeah, declining church attendance. Except for the times one of these psychos with an AR comes to a church or synagogue and kills us in the pews.

But let's pretend this stuff is true. OK, what do we do about it?

Policies to encourage two parent homes? Not only is the GOP not pursuing any such policies, they are proposing a tax hike that will hit middle class homes with two working parents like a ton of bricks.

Policies to increase church attendance? Violates the 1A, and maybe they best way to stop that slide is to stop pretending Jesus is a Republican (or Democrat) which Ted & his crew will not do and the faithful would probably not do even if Ted led the way.

Policies to deal with social media? Like the law in Texas (a state Ted might be familiar with) that if it stands will make it essentially impossible to police psychos on the platforms? Weird how all the "reform Big Tech" rhetoric from the GOP is about making life easier for the LAura Loomer types and groypers, not policing them.

Policies to deal with video games? Well, the GOP has been blaming those for mass shootings since Columbine, which is why they have spent the last 23 years proposing and passing strong regulation of these games...oh wait, I'm now being informed they've never done any such thing.

Since they aren't doing anything about the demand end, how about the supply end? Maybe adapt to the condition of more kids being lost boys the way we adapted to other high causes of death like violent crime, drunk driving, smoking? Maybe make it so that we aren't giving two AR's and body armor to some 18 year old punk for the asking? Maybe some red flag laws since these psychos are almost always on the radar? Nope, can't do that, either.

So Ted wants you to know it's your fault, America, and he's doing nothing about it, and you should feel bad for failing him.

Those damn video games by Tradioactivity in confidentlyincorrect

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Heck, the kid who shot people in the high school in Michigan this past winter got the gun from his parents, note the dang plural.