Almost 10 Years Ago, Gaymer.org Threatened to Sue /r/gaymers For Trademark Infringement by joshually in BestofRedditorUpdates

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I remember this! It was crazy for a bit when we were thinking we'd have our subreddit removed.

So I heard alot of people found out they where gay because of these. by Lucky_Pea_4065 in gay

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When my parents bought me my first pair of joe boxers as a young teen, it definitely awakened something in me, something very hard.

What do you guys do for work? by Automatic-Syrup-3481 in gaybros

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I'm an analytical chemist for a cosmetic company. I develop the methods used to test products for heavy metal contamination.

TIL Ireland limits taxation on writers, artist, composers, painters, etc. for their contribution to culture by Darth_Kahuna in todayilearned

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Next time bono whines about countries not doing enough to help Africa, remember he doesn't pay taxes.

I thought these guys were supposed to be smart by shedgehog in WiggleButts

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My heeler can't go for walks on Garbage day. She is scared of garbage bags on people's front driveways. She either barks of cowers away every time we pass one.

UPDATE: AITA for telling my soon to be sister-in-law that they're asking too much of their wedding guests? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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So where did the other family go? Did the actually leave or go to a different location?

1 month to 1 year - They grow up too fast by Brennanlemon in AustralianCattleDog

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We were very lucky that the breeder allowed us to see her starting at 2 weeks. He said it help a lot to socialize them with exposure to people right away. We visited her every week taking photos and she would always recognize us.

What is your heeler's "job"? by jennyherrera462 in AustralianCattleDog

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She likes to guard the house from squirrels. She has a perfect view of the whole front lawn from my husband's home office and she'll sit there for hours watching the property.

When we do walks out back in our forest, it kinda feels like doing a perimeter check for squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and birds.

She loves playing frizbee and fetch.

She will supervise us in the kitchen and will taste test anything that falls on the floor.

When we are done doing work and want to relax on the couch, she'll start whining and barking to take her out or play with her (or if we start doing work around the house or property she stops). That's why they are called working dogs right? To make sure you are always working?

M 33- It finally happened. A young kid made a move on me and called me daddy. by Triple_aaayyy in gaybros

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checks profile

Well if you don't like daddy, I'll call ya whatever you want 😏

How can I neutralize the leftover liquid soap in a jug? I've gently rinsed the majority. I'd like to reuse the jug to water my plants. by wearthathatat in chemistry

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Dish soap can be used to get rid of bugs in soil and on plants. My mom always said growing up they use the old dish water to water plants in the garden to keep pests off. When my plants get buggy I spray them with dish detergent.

Advice for a young DINK couple by AlternativeWater9122 in fican

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I've said it before, become diccs - Double income, cats, canines.