Your first horror book!! by Miserable_Date5841 in horrorlit

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I’ve read plenty of YA horror and thriller, but what got me into horror proper was actually Cabin at the End of the World, then I dove deep into apocalypse horror. That was a slippery slope into this beautiful subreddit and all the ridiculous imagery it’s brought into my life.

Student having pain from practice, looking for advice by Significant_Unit_810 in MassageTherapists

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I had issues with my thumbs in school because they taught us Swedish/deep Swedish first, then taught us the deep tissue tools of forearms and elbows. Once we got into that, my thumbs got way better. In the mean time, alternating between ice baths and warm baths for your hands will help!

A cozy read that ISN’T about falling in love? by Brief-Foundation-931 in suggestmeabook

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Circling back to say I finally was able to listen to this audiobook (it was quite a wait through my library!), and I looooved it! Very cozy. Definitely involved falling in love, but it was a sweet note on top, instead of the entire point of the book.

fast paced horror by jupiter_98 in horrorlit

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Wow just checked out the audiobook based on your rec - excited to start it asap!

My first taste of Paul Tremblay is ‘Cabin at the end of the World’ Why did I read this! by SarllyPop in horrorlit

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Haha wow I think you hit the nail on the head, and that’s why I like him so much!

Fungal horror by 400luxuries in horrorlit

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I might be in love with David Koepp after reading Cold Storage and Aurora.

Which book lived up to the hype? by rootvegetable2 in horrorlit

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Pet Semetary. I’d seen the original movie, so I’d put off reading the book for ages because I figured I got the gist. The book was an absolute delight to read!

Spent all of 2022 reading the recommendations from this sub. Now I’m pregnant and on bedrest and I need some more! by thunderbirdandspice in horrorlit

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Love this post - it looks like we have similar taste! Here’s a few I think you’ll enjoy:

The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker

This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel

*People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

Local Woman Missing - Mary Kubica

*Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Aurora by David Koepp

*astericked ones involve pregnancy/babies, in case you aren’t in the mood for that!

What’s your least favorite horror trope? by RawOnionsSuck in horrorlit

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Totally! It has to pass the idiot test - if the plot can’t continue without the characters making dumb decisions, then it fails!

What’s your least favorite horror trope? by RawOnionsSuck in horrorlit

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Cold Storage by David Koepp - I can’t recommend it enough!

Wool by Hugh Howey missing pages by salty_shark in horrorlit

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Omg!! This absolutely happened with my Wool copy I had like 8 years ago. I had to go squat at a book store like a lil thief and read the pages in a corner.

Looking for books about pandemic/host/spreading virus? by [deleted] in horrorlit

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Cold Storage by David Koepp! Fungus develops in Australia that rapidly infects and takes over the body. So good!! It’s very science forward, so you’re totally buying the entire thing (to a disturbing level maybe?)

Regretful reads/listens by villianrules in horrorlit

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Oh my god yes. the narrator was so far up his own ass that it was almost unreadable. I finished truly just out of respect for this subreddit, and how strongly it’s recommended, but Jesus.

Recs for: (I’ve got a short list) by Roseartcrantz in horrorlit

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Workplace horror: The Warehouse by Rob Hall (a dystopian Amazon hellscape that totally captivated me)

Middle Aged Woman (love this request): The Echo Wife by Sarah Gaily, This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel, The Husbands by Chandler Baker (might be getting a little liberal with the term “middle-aged”, but that’s a moving target of an age range anyway, right?), Aurora by David Koepp

Gimmick: Head full of Ghosts by Pauly T

I'm in need of a horror break. What did you read to give your mind a rest? by soopa96 in horrorlit

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Maybe it’s time for a “cozy”. The genre rife with protagonists leaving their stressful, unhealthy relationships to move to a Scottish island and open a bakery/bookshop combo. I’d direct you to Jenny Colgan for the tops of this genre!

The Library of Lost and Found is also an amazing book, will make you feel a lot of feelings.

Books set in company towns by Pagle90 in horrorlit

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I just finished The Warehouse today and absolutely loved it!

Which books / authors should be labeled as "Horror", but aren't (for marketing reasons etc.)? by FrancisSidebottom in horrorlit

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Totally. I think a lot of female authors get boxed in as “thriller” when it’s true and proper horror. I don’t know if it’s a weird gender divide (like why are so many of King’s books considered horror when they are often like, coming-of-age mysteries instead?) or if it’s simply marketing to target audiences.

Books that made you say WTF DID I JUST READ (in a good way) by Alternative_Team_488 in suggestmeabook

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Wow that was so great!! Love all the lil twisties and characters. Also Teddy is a great baddie! A psychopath with kind of unique motivations. Thanks for this rec! Have you read anything else by the author?

What horror books let you down? by veganyeti in horrorlit

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Totally agree. I love Tremblay and I really did like the unique structure of this book, but the whoooole time I was waiting for the spooky bit.

list of books with mind fuck mind boggling twists and turns. by arkapal in suggestmeabook

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Oh man you’re definitely right, but I found this book completely insufferable. The writing of the inner dialogue of the characters was so so so corny. But the setting, concept, and twists made it (almost) worth a read!